A Leap for Art

Today I took an art plunge. I set up my stuff in a local resale shop. I’ve never done anything like that before, so I was a bit nervous.

As soon as I started filling the shelves, I about fell over! One of my momma’s most favorite songs came on the radio in there! Followed by another one and another one. So, my gratitude today is about my momma and her love for music and that I’m proud of myself for not quitting art.


  • CCR’s “Who’ll Stop the Rain”
  • The Police’s “Every Breath You Take”
  • CCR’s “Suzy Q”
  • me, taking a leap for art
my booth filled up and welcome note from the shop owner
one of my signs
some pieces I made
mine are the shelves under the window

It felt good to actually get it set up. To give my art and myself a chance. Will it be successful? Already is, it’s out there. It never even would’ve been seen in my basement. So, that feels like a win.

Thanks for being here and for all the kind comments yesterday. Means a lot!



30 thoughts on “A Leap for Art

  1. I think it looks lovely, Jessica!! And I bet it will be successful too. It is so hard to “put ourselves out there” (as writer, I know what it is like to send manuscripts out, over and over again, to publishers), but it is also liberating!

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    • Hi. You’ve sent manuscripts??? Didn’t know that! Rejection letters are hard, but I’ve gotten some encouraging ones, too. Liberating is an excellent word! Thank you for the booth confidence boost. It’s only been 2 days, so I’ll probably wait a few before going in to see if anything sold. Eeks- ha ha.

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  2. Great job, Jessica! You’ve taken the leap and I admire your ability to do so. Now, if I could use your inspiration to take my own leap to publish a book I’ve written. You’re right… nobody was going to see your art in your basement, and nobody is going to read my book on my computer. I wish you the best in your newest endeavor.

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    • Ohhhh wow!!! I’ve been in the book publishing shoes as well! I’ve written several books, but always get swallowed in all the “what to do with thems.” Book publishing feels so complicated these days. So many options!! I do good with like 2 choices. This or this. Ha ha. What kind of book is it? When you publish, I’ll be first in line!!!! You can do it!! I’m actually starting a new book on mom loss- I cannot find the book I’ve really needed, so I’m going to write it! ❤️🎉❤️

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        • Yessssssss!!! I understand that self-confidence thing!! There’s sooooo many books in the world. It’s been so easy to talk myself out of even trying to put mine out there… but, you know what?? There is room for us. No one has the light WE have and no one has our individual ideas and no one has our words. Only we have those. I believe there is a place for us out there. The way I’ve always looked at this blog is, if my writing reaches and resonates with ONE person, that’s who it’s supposed to resonate with. Three romance novels are needed in this world of negativity and flat out blues. I just just bought like 30 romantic comedies from eBay! Romance rules!

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            • I’m sending you a billion hearts!!! Thank you, we absolutely can!! Love when goosebumps show up! I’ve spent a lot of my life in “I can’t” but you know what? That’s not where growth lives. I believe that we each have our own unique gifts and if we are brave enough to share them, they can change the world- someone’s world! You can totally do this. If you want help researching publishing avenues, I’d be happy to swap ideas with you. I keep feeling like I need to write this mom loss book. So, I’ll need publishing ideas, too. ❤️

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  3. Oh Jessica, your artwork is beautiful! And isn’t it wonderful about the songs your mom loved so much … it must have felt as if she was right by your side (and certainly very proud of her daughter) 🌸. Well done for putting your art out there … I’m sure people will love it!

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    • Oh my, my gratitude tears are flowing. Thank you SO much!!! It did feel like she was with me. I couldn’t believe THOSE songs came on. It was really cool. Sort of felt like a ‘you can do it’ nod. Thank you for saying my art is beautiful. My cup runneth over. Bless you. It feels like maybe it’ll get to where it needs to now. Some of my pieces have small affirmations on them, like “You are kind” or “I am authentic.” Tiny words, big meaning. I hope that whoever needs them will find them. ❤️

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