Some Laughs and More Tears

Grateful for:

  • siblings
  • my dad
  • nieces and nephews
  • my husband and son
  • an Iowa farm
  • a giant meal
  • 2 fuzzy dogs
  • a crumb patrolling cat
  • a giant hike
  • a chit chat next to a tree, under a sky of blue
  • music on a hill
  • tears that streamed several times
  • memories of days gone by
  • my momma’s carrot cake and jello dessert
  • feathers
  • geese calling
  • a sunset that spilled across the horizon like berries that tumble from a too full bowl
  • 2 friends reached out even hundreds of miles away
  • more tears
  • some laughs
  • some stories
  • more tears
  • hugs goodbye
  • gratitude expressed
  • more tears
  • more tears
  • more tears

The first Thanksgiving without my momma was exactly that: without my momma. I missed her like crazy. One big holiday down, in this year of firsts. My birthday and Christmas are left.

To those who offered kind words, thoughts, and hugs, I thank you.


sunset Thursday night

8 thoughts on “Some Laughs and More Tears

  1. All of those “firsts” are definitely tough, Jessica. Having lost my Dad a year ago this past August, I truly “do” get it. Something that’s been very helpful for our Mom and all of us, is to include fond memories of our Dad in as many conversations as we can, and especially on those family-themed occasions. Big hugs to you.

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    • I’m sorry for your loss. Parent loss needs its own loss category. It’s so different than any other loss for me. Thank you for telling me something that is helpful for you guys. I’ll do that. It’s getting easier to talk about memories now, as time goes by. Thank you for the hugs. I appreciate that.

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    • Oh, you would’ve loved sitting on that hill. It was so quiet. The only sound was wind and geese flying over. The sun lit up the entire horizon in a way that just felt like home. Then, I danced to songs she loved. Such peace in that. ❤️ Thank you for your compliments. Love that.

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    • Hi. You’re amazingly sweet. Thank you so much. I tried to write a post last night, but no words came. Tripping up in missing her, gratitude, and memorable moments. It seems easy to forget our deep-down-grounded-all-encompassing strength when emotions are all over the place. All I thought about for months was how I couldn’t do it without her. I forgot about how I already do that every single day. Thank you for hand holding. It’s very kind of you.

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