This and That of Home

More pictures of things around my parent’s home. Although my momma passed, it’s still their place, you know?

I took these photographs yesterday evening after I walked 44 laps up and down the driveway. Because of an aching blister, my shoes got tossed and I walked it barefoot.

For northern Missouri in late November, my time outside was pretty decent. If there was an invisible scale of “too cold to be out,” I fared quite well. The wind froze my cheeks, but the sun warmed my toes. Seems like a pretty even trade for winter.

field corn
sunset across the field
walking laps barefoot
old trailer handle
garden gate
a couple of inches
rain gauge
a bunny on the porch

Tonight I think we’re going to have a big bowl-a-thon at the same spot my dad has bowled at for 40+ years. Sounds like a fun, memorable way to spend the 2nd day after Thanksgiving.

Hope you have a nice Saturday, too.



10 thoughts on “This and That of Home

  1. Loved your pictures and thinking about you walking around barefoot. Made me smile!! I sure missed my conversation with your Mom as we always talked at Thanksgiving. We reminded each other how important they were in our lives. It was heart warming to know you were all together and celebrating your blessings. ❤️


    • Aww. I bet you’re really missing her. Thanksgiving Day, we were at Danny’s. I spent so much time up on the hill at mom’s tree. It was so hard to leave- wanted to sit there indefinitely. I listened to CCR and Stevie Nicks and Southern Cross by Crosby, Stills, and Nash. So peaceful. You would’ve loved it, I bet.

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    • Aww. Thank you. My siblings are here, too. Feels nice to be here. Thanks- dad has several walnut trees. The walnuts fall into some cool places. Barefoot was worth it, no owies. Ha ha. I kept thinking about the book I started reading once about 2 sisters who hiked the Appalachian Trail barefoot!

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    • Hi!! Thank you, I love walking around and noticing stuff here. That broken yard stick was a surprise. If you’re ever in southeast MO, let me know. My husband, kiddo, and I could take you guys bowling. That’d be super fun! Thanks, we’re excited to go. Memory maker!

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