Family Potluck in Iowa

We had a family potluck in Ricketts, Iowa today. It’s a tiny town, in the midst of corn fields and farms. Seriously, I saw two streets in town that ended right in a corn field, with no dead end signs even.

When I was a kid, my grandparents had a farm not far from there. I spent a good amount of time in town, at my cousin’s house. There used to be a tiny bowling alley we went to. These days, the bowling alley is long gone.

A walk around town this afternoon led me to some pretty cool opportunities for photographs. Thought I’d share some of Ricketts with you.

old gas station~ Ricketts, Iowa
a mini train station ~ Ricketts, Iowa
Railroad Street~ Ricketts, Iowa
bell in front of the fire station ~ Ricketts, Iowa
Ricketts, Iowa post office, love how the sun tossed the trees on the side of the building
remnants of the old bowling alley ~ Ricketts, Iowa
church on a hill~ Ricketts, Iowa
a town I love in Iowa

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32 thoughts on “Family Potluck in Iowa

    • Hi. The walk to the church was interesting. Old tractors and an old hay baler were sitting in the parking spots next to the church. Long past being operational, it looked like the machinery just made their home there. I liked that bell, too. It said ‘alarm’ on it. Can you imagine all those years ago, the sound of that bell alerting everyone to a fire? Pretty cool history there.

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    • Hi Betty. Thank you. Definitely. The only buildings with something in them are the post office, bank, fire station, and city hall (which is hooked to the fire station.) Otherwise, there are zero businesses. Tomorrow I’m going to share a really cool building I saw. It’s pretty cool.

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  1. Thank you for sharing!! I’m back home in Iowa myself! I arrived on 11/9, due to my grandmas passing on 11/6. I’ve spent the entire time on her and my grandpas farm this whole time. I love this place so much! The nearest neighbor is down the gravel road some where. It’s quite and peaceful and small. North English doesn’t have many streets either. Thank you for sharing your small town time with us!! God bless!


    • Oh honey, I’m so sorry to hear your grandma passed. I know you love them so much. Big hugs! Thanks for your kind words. So great to see your name. Thank you- I enjoyed walking around and taking pictures. It’s so different from when I was a kid. Looks so small now.


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