New Favorite Building

I have a new favorite building. It’s in Iowa. After filling up on potluck food, I went for a walk in Ricketts. This is the last building going out of town, or the first building coming in.

my new favorite building~ Ricketts, Iowa
a rainbow roof~ Ricketts, Iowa
not sure if it’s still a business, but I love the sign
windows that don’t see out or in~ Ricketts, Iowa
vintage door~ Ricketts, Iowa
on the building’s window reflection, I could see the mini train station and gas station down the block
back end of the building ~ Ricketts, Iowa
sliding door~Ricketts, Iowa

In this age recycle, recycle, recycle, this building models using what you’ve got. That’s my favorite thing about it.

Thanks for being here. Hope you have a wonderful day.



13 thoughts on “New Favorite Building

    • Hi. I’m not sure. I tried to look in the window, but didn’t really see anything. My aunt Karen is going to ask around and see if there’s any history on it. She lives in a small town nearby there. I’d be curious to know if there was a multicolored tin sale, or maybe people pitched in all their extra tin or maybe someone just had lots of it. It was so pretty in the sunlight.

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  1. This building looks like a patchwork quilt! I love it! The reflection in the window is amazing – it looks like a picture. Don’t you wish this place was still open as a resale shop? It absolutely models recycling. I can see posters or buttons or T-shirts with a picture of this building and an “I shopped at Nifty-Thrifty!”

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    • Oh my gosh! I love, love, love that!!! Patchwork quilt is exactly what it looked like. Love what you said about T-shirts etc. What a wonderful idea that would be. I would’ve bought one for sure! Isn’t that reflection cool? I couldn’t believe how perfect it was.

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