Birthday Love

Well, there’s about fifteen minutes left of this first birthday without my momma. It was a spotty-teary-day, with the biggest amount that came this morning.

This afternoon, we shopped for bowling shoes. Found a pair and two bowling ball bags, so that was nice. We had our Birthday Bowl-a-thon at two different bowling alleys. It was very fun.

Birthday dinner took us back to the restaurant I wrote about a couple of times in the past several months. One post was about crying at the table. The other was about crying and smiling when a Stevie Nicks song came on while there.

Tonight I did quite well at our table. That is, until an old beloved Christmas hymn came over the speakers.

The part of a song that got me all choked up this time?

“Sleep in heavenly peace.”

Cue the waterworks…

Gratitude of my day of birth:

  • that I had a momma who loved me
  • that even though today was hard, I made it
  • being with my son and husband
  • hearing from my dad and siblings
  • getting texts from friends
  • two delicious meals out in one day
  • candles, cupcakes, and party decor
  • nice people who bowled next to us
  • the five friends who remembered me on social media today
  • the pre-birthday blogging wishes I got- thank you
  • I appreciate all the birthday love

Thank you for reading.


our birthday cupcakes


29 thoughts on “Birthday Love

      • Oh, that is great news and how nice his bowling night is his birthday night – I’ll bet his team members will make a big deal of it for him … the bowling ball will provide a great gift and a great distraction to his heartache. You lucked out with the quick delivery!


  1. Belated birthday wishes Jessica … I have been quite behind here in Reader. Well, that is another couple of obstacles out of the way for causing grief and having tears welling up with Thanksgiving and now your birthday done. Now to get thru Christmas … good luck with that.

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      • Thank you Jessica … I have taken a ton of wildlife photos this year and not even sorted through Summer and a good part of Fall yet. I usually do some special posts around the holidays and will do a recap in January. I’ve had fun with the Wordless Wednesday posts as I had a lot of bird photos and bird photos in odd poses. Oh, that will be rough and also so close to the holidays makes it a double-whammy. Too bad you can’t go get him and have him spend Christmas at your house – he will still be sad, will notice things like your cabinet you recently fixed up, but he will not be in the home that he shared for so many years without your mom.


        • Oh man, that’s a great idea. I wish. We are actually 8 hours apart, so… I’m not sure when a long trip will be possible. On a cheery note, he loves bowling so we sent him a new fancy bowling ball for his birthday. He’s been in a Thursday night bowling league for 40+ years. He’s going to be SO surprised!!

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      • I know….my mom calls me every birthday and sings “happy birthday.” She does that wth my sisters and my kids as well. I know when she’s gone, that’s going to be such a loss. I”m glad you got out and didn’t sit at home, feeling the loss even more than you already did! That took courage, and it was the right decision!


    • Hi, thanks so much. I read your post. It was lovely and insightful. I tried to comment on it- but for some reason, from this blog, when I comment on new-to-me blogs, my comments disappear… but, if I comment from my art blog, they stay. I don’t know what that’s about. Thank you- I did a gratitude challenge for myself a couple of months ago. Noticing gratitude daily has been a plus for me.


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