Angels at Christmas

My heart is with you at Christmas.

Hope you have whatever kind of holiday it is that you need. Sometimes they look different for us all.

Sharing some angels today.

my momma gave me this angel years ago
angel from my friend Kristie
tiny angel on my tree
our tree topper- my husband gave me this angel in 1995
angel ornament from my momma
angel from my dad
past gifts from my friend Kristie
a gift from my momma years ago
angel in my china cabinet
angel from my dad
the angel with the harp is from my momma

I just love angels, don’t you? ❤️

Thanks for being here this year. All your likes, reads, and comments really do mean so very much. As my friend, SanDee says, ‘heart on sleeve.’ It’s been a very heart on sleevy year for me.

Your kindnesses and plain ol’ flat out support have been more than appreciated. They’ve been read, listened to, sat on, absorbed, and are becoming part of an ever growing strength.

Love how we all learn from each other, don’t you?

Merry Christmas.



20 thoughts on “Angels at Christmas

  1. I love the angels. We each collect a special Christmas ornament in our family. My mom started that tradition with EVERYONE in the family, young and old. One year she had Ornament of the Month for her grandkids. Each month she’d bring them an ornament for their collections! My daughter collects angels. Yours remind me of some of her angels.

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  2. Holidays are so hard when we are missing the ones we love. I love your angels- and I had a December one like the one you have! I don’t know what happened to it- it had been my grandmothers. Sending hugs to you <3


  3. Beautifully said Jessica … we all do slog through our heartaches and disappointments in different ways. While the world rejoices and it is all about family and loved ones at Christmastime, this entire holiday will pull at your heartstrings more than one time. I sit here alone on Christmas Eve and think of good memories which will get me through Christmas. Take care.

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    • Hi. Oh my heart… I hope you’re doing ok. ‘Alone on Christmas Eve’ yanked my heart. Girl, if we were neighbors, I’d be over there with bird food and breakfast!! Giant hugs! I make art with out jewelry. I’d love to send you a gift, if you’d like. ❤️I’ve sent gifts to a few other women blogging friends. Merry Christmas!

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      • Hi Jessica – thank you for your kind thoughts. I appreciate it. I am used to being alone as I’ve been alone now, with no relatives and now just one friend (Ann Marie), as most of my friends have retired or moved out-of state for their jobs or husband’s jobs. So it has been 12 Christmases of being alone. Thank you for offering to send something – that is really kind of you too – that is okay though. I do love to write, so today, after I came inside from shoveling, I wrote tomorrow’s post. My friend Ann Marie is older than me (she’s 80) and loves to bake so she makes up baked goods and delivers them all over to church friends or other friends. I decided to write about her and some fat squirrels. So I intended to start a book as I rarely have time to read with walking, taking photos, blogging and working. But writing is relaxing to me too, so I wrote the post. Thank you again Jessica. ❤️ ❤️

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        • That sounds really nice. Love when people make baked goods. Yum. I’m sorry if my comments sounded like I meant that I thought you needed a gift. I only meant kindness. I’ve sent several gifts to blogging friends I hadn’t even met. On my other blog, 2 different bloggers and I had gift swaps- way before Christmas and just for fun. Reading sounds great. I got a book for my birthday I’ve been reading a lot. Sounds like a nice holiday for you. Merry Christmas!

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          • Yes, my friend is kind of my Christmas angel. Oh no, your comments didn’t sound like that at all – I was overwhelmed to be honest. That was very kind of you Jessica. I really appreciate the thought. Having no family and living alone for all these years, means no expectations so nice gestures are always appreciated. I was not expecting my friend to drop off anything – the roads were treacherous as it was too cold to salt and they didn’t plow. My friend just turned 80 on December 5th. She drives in any kind of weather – she tells me (you’ll like this) that she drives “the old people in my building to their doctor appointments as they are afraid to drive.” I don’t like to drive in ice/snow. She once told me that at age 80, she would finally begin thinking of herself as old. So I really didn’t expect her on Christmas Eve in the weather and she will be having a hip replacement in a few weeks’ time … that she stood in pain (she was limping) to make treats for friends was very nice. I wrote about her in today’s post. Thank you again – you are very kind. Friends I have known for decades, though we keep in touch on social media … it seems like we have grown in different directions. I have met such nice fellow bloggers here, all in the last five years. The first five years I had just a few friends and a neighbor who subscribed. So getting to know people has been a wonderful experience, though I’ve never met up with any.


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