Dancing the Day Away

My grandma Wilma kept daily journals for years. In them is just regular ol’ stuff. Things they did, calls they got. I used to do that when my kiddo was little, so he could read it when he grows up.

I think I’m going to start doing that again. Here’s some things I’m going to put in it about yesterday, Christmas Day:

  • 80’s music coming from the kitchen
  • magic tricks
  • my husband making homemade gumbo
  • Santa
  • white Christmas
  • talking to my dad
  • ice sparkling on the swimming pool
  • staying up til 2 am reading Christmas books Christmas Eve
  • homemade sugar cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve
  • sunshine
  • messages from loved ones
  • the Christmas Vacation movie- where Clark goes down the sledding hill a zillion miles an hour, so funny
  • tears over my momma because she is missed
  • the cats walking around on the frozen swimming pool
  • listening to vinyl records on the suitcase record player after we opened presents
  • dancing in the living room to Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Fleetwood Mac, AC/DC, Leo Sayer, and a song my momma LOVED- Funky Town
  • playing games
  • working on a puzzle
  • laughter splashed all over the day
  • hanging out
  • my counting of blessings

Sounds like a wonderful journal entry and some great memory makers. Especially those silly cats, ha ha. My favorite parts were the gathering of gifts, magic tricks, laughing, and dancing.

My momma lovedddddddddd dancing. Years ago, we nicknamed her kitchen, “Diane’s Dance Hall.” It was surely fitting that we danced our day away, too.

Merry the-day-after- Christmas. Hope your holiday was what you hoped it’d be.


Funky Town Christmas tunes


22 thoughts on “Dancing the Day Away

  1. It sounds like you have a lot to be thankful for Jessica … mostly little things, some big things and unless I missed it before, I don’t know if I recall you mentioning your mom’s name was “Diane” … I’m happy you got thru this holiday and your dad’s birthday without your mom by his side. It is good to have these “firsts” put behind you now (that is, unless you’ll tell me that your momma belted out “Auld Lang Syne” every year?)


  2. Your Christmas Day sounds magical. Not rushed. Not hustle and bustle. Just what Christmas should be. Warm. Filled with laughter. Dancing even? Wow! I know this one was beyond difficult but you still found the STRENGTH to also find joy. I read this and danced with my boys in the kitchen just now. I even ordered a little speaker too. Thank you for the continued inspiration! XO

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    • Hi!!! Welcome! Thanks for your kind words! Love ‘epic.’ Leo Sayer, AC/DC, and Funky Town are pretty great. We listened to ‘You Make Me Feel Like Dancing’ again this morning. Dance city! Ha! Thanks for being here! ❤️⭐️

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