Sparkle in a Jar

A couple of years ago, there was a big craze with jars. Dried cookie ingredients in a jar, put gratitude on pieces of paper and stick them in a jar, salads in a jar, mason jars as gift holders, and more.

Yesterday, I received one of the coolest gifts I’ve ever seen! A ‘plant a bulb’ in a jar.

Like a flower bulb.

In a jar!

I’ve never heard of such a thing. Planting bulbs in the ground? Oh yeah, done that. In a jar? How fun!

Christmas was looking to be a hard one without my momma. So guess what one of my besties did? She found out that Amaryllis means ‘sparkle’ and she sent the bulb jar to me.

How sweet is that?

Because honestly, I haven’t felt very sparkly lately. Crying takes the shine right out. And, I’ve been doing my share of tear dropping recently.

Sparkle in a jar?

That grows and blooms into a gorgeous red flower?




Thank you, SanDee, for the pick-me-up. It makes me want to plant sparkle bulbs all around my ten acres. What a beautiful show that would be.

Love when friends ‘show up’ on days- well, on any days and all days. The ones in the beginning, the messy middle, and whatever kind show up after.

She’s been there for me and with me through so-much-stuff. Buckets full. Before my momma went in the hospital. During the devastating 10 days of tough diagnoses and all the days since my momma made her heavenly trek.

Sometimes, being in this, this parent loss thing, some things feel like an end. The thing I love the most about her gift?

It’s the beginning

of a life

tucked up in a bulb.

I took some pictures of it so you can see. The directions say that the roots take 2 weeks to develop, then in 6-8 weeks it’ll bloom. Then, the flowers are said to last 2-3 weeks.

Perfect timing.

That’ll put it blooming on the year anniversary when I lost my momma. She passed away March 26, 2022 at 11:11 pm. It’s already making a hard day better. In March!!! ❤️

Here’s to flowers and friends and things that show up and work out when we aren’t even looking for them. I’ll take those sparkles- now and in 3 months!

Thank for being here!


gift from my friend
bulb and growing medium


21 thoughts on “Sparkle in a Jar

  1. I’m glad you have that Amaryllis. It’s a spirit-lifter!

    John’s mother gave us a bulb every year for Christmas, and we enjoyed them. This year I was given two. Although planted at the same time, the blooms of one are drooping while the other is just about to bloom. Fun to watch!


  2. That was very thoughtful of your friend Jessica and now you have something to forward to. My friend Ann Marie gave me a mason jar with a ribbon around it and sticky notes inside – the outside of the bottle says “Blessings” – before that I had never heard of a blessing bottle. A friend of the family sent my mom an amaryllis plant in a planter for Christmas, just a month before my mom passed away. We had never had one and I started watering it – nothing happened and then after my mom was gone (January 31, 2010), that plant took off, I looked for the post and I”ll put it in a separate comment so you can see how tall it got.


    • Oh that’s right, I forgot about the blessing jars. I did one for awhile. We also did. Laugh Jar. Wrote down things that made us laugh. Still super fun to read those.

      Sorry to hear she didn’t get to see it. Bet it was hard when it bloomed and she wasn’t there.

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      • I really should write things on the sticky notes and put it in the blessing jar. Ann Marie is thoughtful and she had made it, like you do, so it is special. It was difficult to see it blooming Jessica. I was looking for the post I had … I am positive I had pictures of it in a post that it grew even taller than this and keeled over as it got top-heavy. I wrote a post once about fruitcake. I won’t send it to you as you may get teary-eyed. But the gist of it is the same Christmas as the amaryllis, my mom was confined to bed and a friend of my boss owns a store in Eastern Market (big market that has specialty food stores in Detroit). He brought over a lot of Christmas treats and a poinsettia plant … two treats were a babka fruit bread and a Christmas stollen, so my mom said “put my little fruitcake away until we eat David’s goodies up, then I’ll eat it.” I always got her the smallest fruitcake I could find every year – I’d have a few slices and Mom had the rest. She never got to eat the fruitcake and I felt badly about throwing it away … it was in my fridge, tucked away in the corner for about five years and we had a power outage for several days, so I threw everything out of the fridge and cleaned it out.


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