On Glimpses of Things

Yesterday we went to the river. During floating season, there are people all over the place and river ‘sounds.’ Things like: laughter, chit chat, boat motors, dogs barking, car doors shutting, music playing…

Currently, on the Current River, it’s the quiet time. The temperatures are cold in the water and in the air. I don’t mind the busy season, but I sure love the ‘nobody’s around you can hear nature’ time.

For instance, last night we were the only people there. For me, that brings nature back into sole view. Details called out. I noticed. There were pine trees swaying in the wind, leaves on the snow, pine cones sitting on overlooked paths, and my truck hood acted as a mirror.

January 27, 2023- pine cones at the river
January 27, 2023- snow as the perfect backdrop
trees on my truck hood- January 27, 2023
January 27, 2023- pine trees sway

On the way out, we were paused by a tree that crossed over the road. A gift really. A ‘slow down moment’ in days filled with hurries. So we did it, we paused.

tree leaned over the road- January 27, 2023

After going around it, I found myself looking, for color in the trees, for something that would demand a camera, or something that would make a stellar photograph.

Nothing really stood out ahead, but when I looked back perfection and grace were wearing the same coat.

My side mirror gave me a glimpse of what truck windows would notice, if they did such things. I stopped and got out. Here’s what I saw:

January 27, 2023- a scene that caught my eye
January 27, 2023- a window’s view

Glimpses of nature on some random Friday, filled up my lens, eyes, and heart with abundant gifts. Love when that happens.

Thanks for being here.



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