Divine Take Two

In 2018 I wrote a post I truly love called Divine. It was about how sometimes we pick up ‘baggage’ through life that may get carried around for years without even realizing it. It’s one of the best pieces I’ve ever written.

In it, I talked about how sometimes stuff begins to accumulate on us / around us that we take on, as our own, even though it was never really ours.

I talked of what an imaginary suitcase at my feet in my 20’s would have held. It was a hodgepodge of negative remarks and things. The kind of stuff that feeds self doubt and low self worth.

Then, I talked about yanking all of those things out- how freeing it felt to let go of all that old junk that had been hanging around for twenty some years.

After dumping things like:

  • not worthy
  • worries
  • not good enough
  • guilt
  • shame
  • no self esteem whatsoever
  • scars, bruises, and sadness

I replaced them with things like:

  • giving
  • loving
  • a good friend
  • works for God
  • big heart
  • worthy
  • sweet, kind, and funny

Yesterday, I wrote two posts and, honestly, I wasn’t sure footed in either one. At some point in the afternoon, I found myself rereading Divine. It was then that I remembered how freeing it is letting go of the old and welcoming the true.

Oh my goodness! That post hit home!

I forgot how easy it is to strap on words we pick up along the way. The Shoulda, Coulda, Wouldas. The ‘hurry ups’ and ‘too slows.’ Words that seem to stick and get piled and become SO integrated that we don’t even know how to start looking for them.


That can equal some heavy loads!

So, this morning, I decided to peek into the imaginary suitcase that was at my feet five years ago.

What would I find, a year into momma loss? Would it be as bad as the one in my twenties?

I mean, come on! Parent loss is h a r d.

Slowly lifting the imaginary lid, I saw a smidgen of self doubt, but not enough to break the scales. Also, there was this overflowing love that felt like a waterfall. Hmm… promising.

I also saw:

  • strength of a thousand trees, though sometimes I forget
  • a checker-inner
  • patches of sorrow and joy
  • more lessons learned
  • still sweet, still funny, still kind
  • still loving, still giving, still a good friend
  • a huge, gigantic, all encompassing heart
  • weathered from parent loss, but not broken
  • worn down from the stages of grief, but still holding steady
  • a caring sister, a great daughter, a passionate mother, a my-heart-is-in-it wife
  • a teacher, a learner, a try to make things better-er
  • peace and love and happiness bulging at the seams
  • sadness and missing and trying to understand loss and what happened and how we got to this point- intertwined with everything while trying to find balance and grace

Pretty good, considering all of the things of the past year.

Sometimes it seems like life is a series of

  1. taking what we’re given
  2. picking out what really resonates for us
  3. growing from there

Such a gift in that.

Here’s a link to Divine. My momma loved that piece, too.


Thanks for being here,


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8 thoughts on “Divine Take Two

  1. I loved re-reading your old post, because it’s still so pertinent today. We really can just “unpack” that negative stuff that others piled on us and replace it with the good stuff of who we really are, underneath it all. I’m glad that imagery is working for you now, when you’re processing your grief. And you’re right, you’re still you, underneath the grief…..May your light continue to shine brightly!!

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    • Hi Ann, something you said resonates a lot, “who we really are, underneath it all.” It’s like clearing the cobwebs and seeing ourselves, despite all the junk. Seems easy to forget all the strength we have when ‘heavy’ comes to town. I admire you a bunch. I remember when your husband got sick, and though I’m guessing you were scared, you stayed authentic. Grief has definitely pushed around my authentic, but like you mentioned, underneath grief, I’m still me. ❤️ Love your insight. Thank you.

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      • You’re welcome! And thanks for your kind words. Actually, when my husband got sick, that scary situation helped me be more authentic. I had to react with my true self, as I had not time or energy to deal with other stuff. Hard times bring gifts (as odd as that sounds) and a better understanding of ourselves is one of those gifts, I think.

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        • Wow, I hadn’t thought of it like that. Here I’ve thought I was floundering around searching for my authenticity in momma loss, but maybe my authenticity has been solid and I’ve just been just trying to find my way without her. Love what you said about “had not time or energy to deal with other stuff.” Maybe that is actually one good thing about grief- it definitely keeps centered on the task at hand- dealing with the loss. At times I’ve felt like I’ve been living in a bubble of self care. Guess there’s nothing more authentic than that.

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    • Yesssssss! I expected to see old stuff/ hard stuff/ scarred up messy stuff. Feels like I’ve held my own. Not as “stumble-around-y“ as I thought. Hallelujah for that. And, thanks so much. One of the things my momma loved about me was my photos. Means a lot that you pointed that out. Thank you.

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