Photos Do the Talking

Went to my dad’s for the one year mark of my momma’s passing. So happy I was with him, it was a pretty hard day.

I decided to take a break from wordy posts and share some of the photos I took while there. It seems like sometimes, photos can do the best talking, all on their own.

an old pump my momma loved
a birdhouse my momma painted
a birdhouse with a missing back
a peeling pot in the shed
I stepped in a hole by the apple tree, fell on my back, but looked up to see the moon in one part of the sky and this sun in the other
a framed reflection
dad’s tools
peeling paint

Thanks for being here. Hope you have a wonderful day.


©️ COPYRIGHT 2023 Unmeasured Journeys

©️ COPYRIGHT 2023 Jessica Adam- all writing and photographs done by me

19 thoughts on “Photos Do the Talking

  1. Your dad is neat. Mine wasn’t until he went blind. He knew he had to keep everything in its place or he’d never find anything. I’m not at that point yet

    I enjoyed seeing your photos and reading of your connection to them.

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