Thankful for These Things

Hi, today I thought I’d share 55 things I’m thankful for:

  1. this day
  2. my dad
  3. that I got to go home for the first anniversary of losing my momma
  4. my kiddo- when I started this blog he was my “Little Bit”, now he’s 6’2”
  5. being with my husband 28 years and counting
  6. you
  7. yes, you read that right, you
  8. being a big sister
  9. spring!!! My gosh, was that the longest February ever or what???
  10. good health
  11. good sleep
  12. two doctors I love!!! (You know who you are, Dr. Sonia and Dr. Poppy)
  13. dairy free food choices
  14. homeopathy
  15. everybody that works at our chiropractor’s office
  16. the ability of the human body to heal itself- long story, but January 11th, I fell and after weekssssssss of healing, I’m almost as good as new
  17. making art and FINALLY getting up enough nerve to do something with it
  18. you, did I say that already?
  19. good friends
  20. showing up
  21. bowling
  22. my kid’s Dungeons and Dragons friends
  23. theater club- my kiddo got the part he wanted in the Wizard of Oz
  24. friends who want to come to his play
  25. the support I’ve gotten since I first spoke of parent loss
  26. sunshine
  27. summer
  28. my booth at the resale shop- such a learning experience!
  29. my kitties- Blackjack, Coco, Squeeler, Ruby, and the incredibly ornery Millie- cute, but trouble, ha ha
  30. abundance
  31. miracles
  32. nature
  33. cameras
  34. teaching- I don’t have a degree, but I love teaching
  35. starting to find my feet after a year in momma loss
  36. that the washer and dryer we got plays songs at the end of cycles- had no idea, no one mentioned it at the store
  37. delete buttons when I mess up words and thoughts
  38. SanDee (surprise!)
  39. feeling seen
  40. feeling heard
  41. your unending support during a pretty freaking sad year for me
  42. pancakes
  43. blogging friends
  44. hiking
  45. where we live- we are near all kinds of natural springs and waterfalls
  46. planning a dance- I’m hosting a costume dance for my kiddo’s friends- a renaissance type event with a potluck for families. I even ordered invitations.
  47. my house- it’s got 3 big porches- great for rainy days
  48. movie room- we have one in our basement
  49. my Toyota Tundra- such a truck girl
  50. my friend Dennis- he passed away in 2014- whenever I had concerns, I’d call him and he’d say “we believe”- and he meant it, which made everything better instantly
  51. this blog- this space has been a saving’s grace as I’ve stumbled my way around momma loss
  52. being met with kindness in loss- thank you for your words of encouragement and understanding month after month after month…
  53. the handholding you’ve given for 371 days- it’s noticed
  54. the support system you provide
  55. the “oh honey, it’s hard, but you can do this” vibe I feel whenever I read your comments…

Why 55?

Because my folks were married 55 years. Feels like a good number.

As you know, March 2022- March 2023 has been e-m-o-t-i-o-n-a-l to say the least. It reminds me of a weaving, some textured fiber here, some smooth fiber there. Good days here, some sappy messy days there. Best I can tell, it’s still all progress.

As always, thanks for being here. I hope I say that often enough. Your being here truly does mean a lot.

Hope you have a great Saturday. We’re at a bowling tournament in Columbia, Missouri. A shout of good luck going out to my husband and his bestie!


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©️ COPYRIGHT 2023 Jessica Adam

16 thoughts on “Thankful for These Things

  1. So many things to be thankful for, right? It’s amazing to see how many there are when you start writing them down. I understand why your list have 55 spots, but I bet your list can grow with another 55! Oh, by the way … pancakes will fill at least 10 places on my list 😁.

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    • Ohhhhhh my gosh- PANCAKES!!!! You and me and pancakes!! ❤️❤️❤️ I bet you’re right about growing 55 more spots. Those first 55 were easily added to. I hope you write a list- I’d love to read it.


    • Hi Ann, isn’t that something? They were high school sweethearts, too. So there’s more years together tacked on that. A lifetime, really.

      Thank you- ugh, my words for writing something were a jumbled up MESS!!! Total disaster. I tried to write for h o u r s. Then, ‘thankful’ rode into town and 55 things fell out. Miracle!

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      • Sometimes a list is a great idea when we’re blocked, as you’ve shown by your post, Jessica. We’re winding things down in Texas, and will soon be travelling from the heat to the cooler weather. Oh well, the upside is that by the time we get home, there won’t be too many days of cold weather left (hoping so, anyways)

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