In Love

I am in love with this picture. I can’t even explain how much!

We were at an Ozark Scenic Riverways area yesterday, at a CCC camp built in the 1930’s. I walked up to look in the window at the old dining lodge, and this was reflecting back.

My favorite things?

  • -the blue of the sky
  • -the leaves
  • -the shape of the panes
  • -the pristine mirrored image of nature when I wasn’t even looking for it
  • -how like water, glass stops light rays and bounces them back
  • -if you look towards the middle, you can even see the Current River
  • -how the window itself is an accidental ‘frame’

The funny thing is that the dining lodge has never been approachable. It’s been under renovation for the entire year we’ve been going there. There are usually “closed/ do not enter” signs all around. But, lucky for me, yesterday, the signs were gone!

I didn’t get any pictures of the inside this time, but let me just say, it’s almost as pretty as the view on the outside.