Sweet and Kind

Last night, my cup runneth over-ed. Like all over the table and floor. I’d opened up WP and saw a notification. After I figured out what it was about, my tears just ran.

Last month, a blog I follow had posted about a Bake Off blogging contest, where the ‘prize’ was to have the entry featured over the weekend of October 15-16, as a way to meet new blogs.

I don’t normally enter baking contests, but her posts got me interested. So, I decided to try it.

When I went to visit my dad recently, I made him his favorite Raisin and Chocolate Chip Oatmeal cookies. I took a picture of them, wrote about how we lost my momma, and submitted my entry.

Last night, my entry posted. My goodness, what was written about my entry, my blog, my photos, my momma, and my words was soooooooo incredibly sweet and kind. The crocodile tears, sweet and kind.

After I handed my phone to my husband to read it, I sent the post to my friend SanDee. She’s been with me in this, since the minute my momma went into the hospital.

Thank you Jeanne, Mel, and Mel’s husband for creating a Bake Off where bloggers can see/meet/ find new blogs to read and follow. Such a wonderful opportunity.

Here’s a link to the post written about my entry that I’ve been gushing over:


Jeanne’s blog is: https://ajeanneinthekitchen.com

Mel’s blog is: https://crushedcaramel.wordpress.com

Thanks for being here. Hope you have a nice day!


heart with ‘mom’ in the sand that
I made at the beach on Saturday

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** photograph was taken by me