100 Things You Love About Somebody

Ten years ago, a friend and I both wanted to write a book. The trouble was, we were both stumped on how to go about doing it.

We decided to do a 30 Book Writing Challenge where we would alternate days , each choosing a topic for one chapter. At the end of 30 days, we’d each have a 30 chapter book.

30 chapters on various subjects in 30 days was challenging because to have a book make sense, it helps if it’s focused on one central theme.

My book was called, “Me and My Kola.” My Kola is my boy.

I geared all of the daily chapter topics to being a mom and things we did that tied into that subject. At the end of each chapter, I added a challenge for readers to do.

For instance, some of those topics included:

  • Butterflies
  • Old Photos
  • Grandmas
  • County Fair
  • My Favorite Book
  • Ice Cream
  • Celebrate
  • Pets
  • Beautiful Things

Writing that many different things in 30 days was fun and exhausting! Ha ha. But, we pushed through it.

My very favorite one is called, “100 Things I Love About My Kid.” Reading it now is quite a treat. Things I’ve forgotten about that we had done are there on the page.

At the end of the 100 things about him, the challenge was to write 100 things about whoever was reading’s child. I told about telling my momma that I wished she’d make one of things she loved about me.

She did.

I was reading over her list this morning, and my oh my, what a gift it is to have now, 10 years later. She passed last March and you know how much mommas are missed when they’re gone.

So, today I thought I’d put the idea out there for you to maybe make a list of things you love about your kids or spouse or parents or friends or siblings or family, just because.

I’ve never done one for my husband, I think I’ll do that. I’ve done them for my mom and my dad. Here’s a link to my dad’s I did in 2019, if you’d like to see it.


I’d love to know if you make a list of things you love about somebody. It doesn’t have to be 100 things, if that seems too hard. Maybe start with 10 or 20, then build from there.

Thank goodness we did that book challenge so long ago. Because of it, I have that wonderful list from my momma. Nothing better than that.

words I wrote in my book about 100 things and my momma

Thanks for being here! Hope you have a lovely day!


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Thank You I Started

Thank you for all your help, ideas, and kindnesses that you shared on my last post about maybe writing a book.

I started. I just wrote 15 chapters.

Last night, the title, chapter list, introduction, and more landed in my heart space. I decided I’m just going to go with it and see where it leads.

Pen to paper, I just wrote for 2 hours straight. Felt good to do that. Old fashioned, I know. It’d probably be smarter to type as I go, but I like the feel of paper and a pen,

Where this will go, I have no idea. But, it’s nice to finally start.

Thank you for the confidence boost. I appreciate you all!


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On Book Writing

Ever since my momma passed, I’ve been contemplating writing a book . I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tossed the idea around and I still can’t quite decide…

I seem to have a “have to know how to do things” kind of mindset. If I don’t know how to do something, I read.

In the first few days following her passing, I started looking for books on momma loss. I read two immediately and I did like them, but they weren’t exactly what I needed. Right then is when I started thinking about writing a book.

Some days, I’m like, “Yes!!! I’m going to do it.”

Other days, not quite so much.

The back and forth of it is:

  • it would be the shortest book e v e r because the only chapter in it would be called “Too Hard”
  • or, it would be really great- the exact thing I needed/need and be absolutely soul lifting, but no one would want to read it because who wants to read about loss

Although, on the other hand, maybe it could help someone, like me, who had their momma/ loved one rug pulled out from under them…

That part always keeps me leaning towards doing it.

These last 375 days, I have learned a bunch about kindness, compassion, crying anywhere, things that help, showing up, lonely days, songs, Tuesdays, gifts to give, gifts received, support systems, and writing, during some messy hard days.

I tried to imagine if I had a friend in momma loss who was talking about writing a book about such things, would I read it?

  1. Well, yes because it’s a friend and it’s good to read friends books.
  2. Would I read it if I still had my momma? I probably wouldn’t have before I lost her. I mean, momma loss was not on my mind.
  3. Would I read it after I lost my momma? Every day of the week.

If you’ve been around here awhile, you may know that I’m a “go with my heart” type of writer. My friend SanDee and I always talk about how my heart is on my sleeve. It got me thinking that this could be one of those times that heartfelt writing could maybe help somebody out.

Heck, maybe I ought to do it. I guess we’ll see.

Thanks for reading.


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