Little Bit’s Mom

I love being a mom. I have no idea how I was even able to breathe before this kid was born. We just celebrated our eleventh Christmas and on Christmas Eve, when the house was quiet and I was the only one awake, I found myself getting all sentimental.

We tried to have a baby for what seemed to be forever, though it wasn’t as long as some other couples. I remember the holidays during those five years as mostly heartbreaking. The one thing I wanted more than anything in the world, Santa couldn’t deliver.

When Heaven and earth opened up and I was finally able to stay pregnant, this little miracle made his grand entrance about a month early, putting him here in time for Christmas.

Oh, you don’t even the know the joy I felt, having that little angel in my arms on Christmas that first year.

When I got pregnant, I made a vow to myself not to forget the lonely road we’d traveled. Therefore, I know what a privilege it is to bake Santa cookies, to cuddle up with my beautiful son and watch Santa’s sleigh on the radar, and to read him “Twas the Night Before Christmas.”

Two nights ago, as I stood looking at our beautiful tree during Christmas Eve’s wee hours, a contentment I can barely describe washed over me.

It’s in those moments when grace slides in almost unexpectedly, that I remember just how eternally grateful I am to be Little Bit’s Mom.

Be There

Don’t you just love the soul-lifting power of kindness? 

Whether it’s in a smile from a stranger or a letter from a friend, kindness warms the heart. 

In general, it seems like “people” as a whole get a bad wrap. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that the world is a bad place and people are just mean. 

Yeah, I don’t really buy into that. Sometimes, if we just look and listen, the stories of good-hearted folks are just about everywhere. 

In fact, just this week, one particular tale waltzed into my life, and you are going to love it.

Today in Nebraska, there is a wedding and  because of kindness, love is coming full circle. 

You see, the couple was going to get married in 10 months. 10 months would have given them plenty of time to make plans and check off all the to do lists. 

That changed 15 days ago. 

One of their family members is really sick, so they moved the date up. As you probably know, 15 days isn’t much time to put a wedding together.

Can I just tell you, people have stepped up! 

  • A kind woman donated a building for the ceremony when the weather for an outdoor ceremony got iffy. 
  • Not one, but two photographers offered their services for the wedding photographs. 
  • Someone who makes wedding cakes offered to make theirs.
  • Someone donated 100 pounds of fish for the fish fry at their reception.
  • Someone else is smoking the pulled-pork. 
  • People gave money for plane and bus tickets to get family members there for the big day. 
  • There wasn’t time to mail invitations, but with social media they got the word out and people will fill those seats today. 

How cool is that? Brings happy tears to my eyes. 

My favorite part of the story is the generosity of the couple. What an act of love to move their special day up for someone else. Who does that? 

They do. 

They love somebody sooooooo much, that they just wanted them to be there. 

A Smidgen of Cinnamon Rolls 

Have you ever been doing something and gotten completely lost thinking about somebody? 

A couple days ago I was making cinnamon rolls for my cousin who is getting married this weekend. 

As the rolls were cooling on the counter, I got out the powdered sugar, butter, vanilla, and wondered what kind of icing he’d like. 

Suddenly, someone I absolutely love came to mind, completely out of the blue. It was my aunt who unexpectedly passed away last year. 

That happens sometimes, you know? We go about our days, then bam, a reminder.

What came flooding into my mind was, two months before we lost her, I made her cinnamon rolls. 

When it came to the frosting, she had a special request, she wanted hers extra thick and piled on. 

Any guesses to what kind of frosting my cousin got? 

Ha ha. I’m pretty sure my aunt was smiling big that day, because before I even realized it, his frosting was soooooo thick I could barely move the spoon. 

In fact, I’d even say that he got a pan full of frosting with a smidgen of cinnamon rolls. 

Small Town Living

Remember the days of cake-walks and cook-offs? Of saying goodbye to summer and hello to fall? 

Today we went to Harvest Days up on our town square. Booths full of crafts and treats lined the block while a band played on the courthouse steps. 

To me, it felt almost like stepping into a memory book. I remember the small town festivals of my childhood and they hold a special place in my heart. 

There’s something sort of heartwarming about all the people of a town coming together to celebrate the seasons.

Pumpkins and mums were spread about and looked so welcoming after the hot days of summer. 

Even the roses bushes were busy making their debut. 

We entered our Fall “Free”dom Bars in the dessert contest, colored with sidewalk chalk in the street, and ended the day two blocks over with a helicopter ride. 

Then, something occurred to me when we got home. Today is the very last Saturday of summer that my Little Bit will ever have while he’s 9.  

How cool is it that we got to spend it doing all these wonderful things? 

Here’s to the changing of seasons, making more childhood memories, and of course, to small town living. 

Another Angel in Heaven

Remember the stories I’ve shared with you that were written by Miriam about her beautiful mum?

Today I woke up to the news that her mum passed away.

Since you’ve been following along in Miriam’s journey, I thought you’d like to know.

Sending love and huge hugs to you, Miri…

Out an' About

Today the sun shone a little less brighter
the flowers swayed with a little less fight
the birds sung with a little less might
because they heard
today my beautiful mum finally left this world.


Today, after a well lived life of 88 years, and more than 17 months of suffering and pain, my mum’s battle and journey finally ended.  Tonight my strong, brave, determined mum who fought so hard to her very last days, is finally at peace.

I was there when she took her final breath, together with my sister and my brother.  As we held her hand and told her how much she meant to us, we thanked her for the life she gave us. We farewelled her to go meet our dad in heaven and all her Italian friends who passed before her.

We walked the journey with her to the very end and at 4.30pm today…

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Only Sadness

Have you ever had friends that were more like siblings? 

Call it a gift of being the oldest of four, I’ve had many. A lot of my sisters’ and brother’s friends over the years, have seemed just like real brothers and sisters to me. 

After an unexpected phone call last night, life instantly went on rewind. 

Back to the neighborhood we grew up in. 

Back to summers long gone. 

Back to the days when my baby sister and brother beat the sunrise to rush around the block to play with a kid they adored.

I hardly remember a moment in our childhood that he wasn’t in. Forget peas in a pod, they were more like triplets. 

Triplets through school. They attended proms together, stayed close through college, and were even in each other’s weddings. 

Here’s what I love about that:

Friendship in families isn’t an isolated event. 

We love him and his family, and they love us. That’s what happens I guess, when families grow up together. 

❤️ Love grows. 

❤️ Love extends. 

❤️ Love includes. 

It’s like a great big cake, slathered with butter cream frosting and covered with a billion candles and multicolored sprinkles. 

  • Our parents are the cake itself, the foundation. 
  • The frosting is all of life’s adventures, whipped together and spread about. 
  • The candles and sprinkles are all good stuff: the laughs, joys, the memories. 

With the call last night, came heartache.

Even though it had been years since I’ve seen him, the words of his loss caught my breath. 

Immediately, my heart started aching for his family, mine, and everyone who loves him. 

I have no words of wisdom here… Only sadness.