I Thank You

They say time flies by, but I’ve noticed it’s more like a track meet at the long jump competition where they dash to the line and jump an enormous amount of feet in the air.

While some days it feels like time is a perpetual turning on clock hands that never stop, sometimes time flows as swiftly as a river’s current on its way to other places.

Today when I opened up my notifications, this picture greeted me! Four years of blogging! FOUR YEARS!! What? Who? When? Where did four years go?

I thought about where I was four years ago today. Back then, a few days before, I had been released from a week long unexpected hospital stay and was sent home thinking I had the possibility of having something pretty catastrophic wrong with me.

In the wee hours of this anniversary night four years ago, I hid in my closet and somehow figured out how to set up a blog! I was one of those “I’m never going to blog” girls, but sickness and the thought I might not have much time to spare, shifted things very quickly.

I had no idea how to blog, so I bought “WordPress For Dummies” and I figured it out step by step. Pure determination.

So, today I’m going to celebrate the fact that they were wrong about me, that I’m still here, and that I’m so grateful for this blog. I’ve made a lot of friends by blogging and it’s been amazing adventure of creativity and self expression in my writing and photography. To be able to share things with the world is such a gift.

Whatever your part in my journey has been, I thank you. ❤️

McCormack Lake

Sunday we went to a lake I’d been to once before. Standing in the parking lot, I remembered why I’d liked it the first time. It was quiet, there was a beaver dam, and it was easy on the eyes. Yeah, I liked it just as much this time around.

However, after we left the parking lot, my husband drove down a gravel road less traveled. Then, he pulled down onto a road to nowhere and I got out.

There I stood at the opposite end of the lake, and quite honestly, it was one of those moments, you know? Those instances where you see something SO beautiful that all you can do is weep.

And, I did.

To me, nature is like air. No wonder people hike thousands of miles or even a few.

A few steps over, this way or that, and your entire perspective can change.

Noticing Nature

Back on August 8th, I declared a personal challenge of sorts where I was going to share nature photographs for 30 days as a way of raising my awareness to the miracles in my life.

Hmmm…. It’s almost October 8th and so far I’ve posted around 10! Ha. Ha. Life does that, you know? Sometimes the best intentions, remain intentions.

Well, one good thing is that, even though I haven’t shared lately, we have been going out and experiencing some incredible places. In fact, one of the natural springs we went to was so breathtaking that I literally wept when I saw it.

I know in my heart that miracles are all around us. Personally, for me, the trick lies in the noticing.

Miracles~ Days 11- 18


Miracles~ Day 10

Meet our newest family members, Roam and Tugg. They are 10 week old Mini Aussies. I can’t even explain how sweet they are! We got them on Sunday. ❤️

Left at the Fork

Miracles ~ day 7

Yesterday, Little Bit and I ventured into a natural area we’d seen the sign for a couple times. On some narrow, winding, seemingly endless gravel road, we were met with a decision.

Right or left?

We chose left and found this beautiful scene.


Miracles ~ day 4

We finally moved.

At our old house, we were a mile from the swimmin’ hole at the James River. At our new house, we are seven miles from National Forest Service land and two campgrounds that are right beside the Current River.

Woo hoo!!! 🎉 Lots of miracle pictures to come!