Tears and a Smile at the Table

Remember “Tears at the Table?” My post about how we went to that restaurant and I cried?

We went back there yesterday.

The atmosphere was a bit different. It was a Friday afternoon, instead of a busy Saturday lunch. We were seated in a different room, at a high top table. I faced a window, but my back was towards the door, so I couldn’t see who came in and left.

My heart got moved a bit, when I saw a man about my dad’s age, standing outside on the sidewalk. I still have my dad, eight hours away, but I miss him every day.

We ordered. Our appetizers came. Our food came. We ate. A pretty ‘normal’ eating out.

That is, until we were waiting on the check.

This time it wasn’t a group of women, someone who resembled her, or a kind stranger that started the steady stream of tears.

Instead, it was a familiar tune that kicked up on the speakers. Stevie Nicks.

Fitting actually. My momma loved Stevie Nicks. This time the tears at the table prompted a bit of a smile, too.

Thanks for reading.


I made this on my parent’s Scrabble board in March 2022