Angels at Christmas

My heart is with you at Christmas.

Hope you have whatever kind of holiday it is that you need. Sometimes they look different for us all.

Sharing some angels today.

my momma gave me this angel years ago
angel from my friend Kristie
tiny angel on my tree
our tree topper- my husband gave me this angel in 1995
angel ornament from my momma
angel from my dad
past gifts from my friend Kristie
a gift from my momma years ago
angel in my china cabinet
angel from my dad
the angel with the harp is from my momma

I just love angels, don’t you? ❤️

Thanks for being here this year. All your likes, reads, and comments really do mean so very much. As my friend, SanDee says, ‘heart on sleeve.’ It’s been a very heart on sleevy year for me.

Your kindnesses and plain ol’ flat out support have been more than appreciated. They’ve been read, listened to, sat on, absorbed, and are becoming part of an ever growing strength.

Love how we all learn from each other, don’t you?

Merry Christmas.




It is on my heart to thank you.

You, who reads my posts about my momma.

You, who lets me interrupt your day to read about a loss that is so hard that sometimes I lose my balance.

You, that offers up words of encouragement to a girl who feels a bit broken.

You, that reads my posts about ordinary things like travel, followed by something like tears shed in a restaurant.

You, who may have experienced similar things, so you outstretch your hand.

You, who has no idea what this is like, but you show up for me anyway.

You, who gives me space to be me in this tragic loss of my momma.

You, who checks in on me, when the rest of the world forgets.

You, who silently thinks of me or prays for me and I may not even know it.

You, who comments on my posts, when you’ve had your own heartbreak.

You, who wraps me up in compassion and a kindness so warm, that I forget my heart feels ripped in two for awhile.

You, who remembers who I am when my cheeks are stained with tears.

You, who opens yourself up wide and tells me your stories so I know I am not alone.

You, who gives me grace.

You, who lets me cry.

You, who tells me about your grief, so I’ll understand my own.

I see you. I read your comments. I know you are genuine and sincere.

I am grateful.

I have gratitude.

And, I thank you.


thank you

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