Deer Leap

Yesterday, we went to our first "tween" event, which was super fun. Then, we headed up to a place on the river called Deer Leap. It's a Forest Service recreation area with a campground, where floaters put their canoes in and take them out in the warmer months. I've shared lots pictures from here before. … Continue reading Deer Leap

Wild Horses

Yesterday Little Bit and I took a road trip and went to a place where wild horses live. Like, seriously. In this day and age where everybody and everything gets bossed around, there are horses that still roam free. We arrived at Round Spring hoping to see them, but figured the chances were pretty slim. … Continue reading Wild Horses

The Mine

Recently, we made a trip to Bonne Terre, MO to see a lead mine from the late 1800's. It is pretty amazing. For instance, there's a lake underground!! On the tour, we got on a pontoon and had a boat ride- underground. The water is so clear and I was able to see old mine … Continue reading The Mine