An Anything but Typical Sunday

Yesterday was a typical summer Sunday afternoon, until it wasn’t. And, when I say wasn’t, I mean things got weird.

About noon, a friend and his son came over to swim. It was sunny, about 90 degrees, and there was a breeze that came and went.

Around 3:30 pm, they left and we went inside. Around 5:00 pm, we heard a huge noise outside. I was in the basement and could not figure out what would’ve been so loud, so I went to look.

In my backyard towards the pool, I saw a chair cushion floating. Hmm, that seemed strange. Then, it started registering that something had happened.

I screamed for my husband, and when he got outside, we were in absolute shock! The pool shed was leveled. All of our patio furniture was IN the pool. The glass top tables had shattered and the glass was inside the pool and all over the sidewalk.

ON a sunny day. A sunny day, in JULY…

We haven’t had rain for over a month. There wasn’t any chance of rain yesterday. There was some clouds, but it wasn’t cloudy.

Apparently, there was some kind of wind storm that kicked up in our back yard. Not rain. Not hail. No clouds. No lightning. Nothing that indicated a storm. It was sunny and hot.

Two separate neighbors came to check on us. They’d heard loud winds, looked our way, and saw our pool shed break into pieces and was swirling in the air, up as high as our house roof!

One said something similar about the pool floats, that they were way up in the air! One landed on our roof and the others landed across the road.

Our swing and hammock were thrown into the northwest corner of the yard, near the pool shed.

Our solar pool cover that had been sitting next to the pool shed, was east of the yard, past the fence.

Weird, right?

Even weirder? It was only in our yard and only back by the pool. Side yard is fine. Front yard is fine. No neighbors have damage.

Except for our back yard area, it didn’t look like anything happened.

We spent a couple hours cleaning up. My husband got the furniture out of the pool and swept up glass that was in the pool. I swept up glass on the sidewalk, picked up toys and pieces of the pool shed.

We’ve never heard of anything like this. I’ve tried researching it and can’t find any information about anything like it. I looked on the National Weather Service for our area’s Facebook page and there were no weather disturbances yesterday…

There is something called dust devils, which form from the ground and can be destructive like tornadoes, but the neighbors said they heard the wind in the trees and there isn’t really any dirt fields around here.

There’s also something called water spouts that can form over water. I researched to see if they can form over swimming pools. I saw one instance of it happening over a pool in the southeast US.

Neither of those makes much sense here. Unless there’s something of a combo pack of some sort, ha ha.

The take away- sometimes things happen that we may just not understand. I have a very math/logic mind, so seeing our yard upside down, puzzles me and makes me want to know why.

However, there’s lots of good news:

  1. we weren’t in the pool when it happened
  2. the pool isn’t damaged where the furniture and glass was
  3. the pool pump is still working
  4. all the electrical components of the pool still work
  5. our trucks that were close to the pool shed aren’t damaged
  6. my neighbors saw it, came to see if we were ok, and told us what they saw- if they hadn’t, we wouldn’t have known what in the world happened
  7. our pets are fine, the house is fine
  8. we are counting blessings

I’ll keep searching to see if I can figure out what that was. Maybe it’s just some weather phenomenon that hasn’t been described yet.

I don’t know what it was, but I can tell you this, I grew up where there were a lot of tornado warnings. My dad was a tornado spotter. I spent many days in Iowa at my grandparent’s farm when we would have to sit in the cellar, waiting out tornadoes.

But, I never thought there’d be some tornado-thingy in my back yard, 10 hours south of there, in the summer, on a clear day, on a Sunday afternoon.

Thanks for reading. I appreciate that.


furniture and glass in the pool
swing and hammock in the nw corner
pool shed leveled
pool float on roof