Just Keep Dancing

Have you seen that children’s movie Nemo? Remember Dory the fish’s famous song/ line “Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming”? 

Yesterday Little Bit and I went to Dollar Tree to pick up a few festive items. While at the checkout, there was a shelf full of those Christmas balls with motion sensors, that play music when you get near them. 

LOVE THOSE! Guess who got one? 

So, we got home and hung it on our tree. Then, I made up this totally odd, crazy rule that every time it goes off, we have to dance! Have to. Every time. I guess you can imagine, we are dancing a lot! 

We’re not talented dancers by any means. They definitely are not filming Dancing with the Stars anywhere in our vicinity. The kind of dancing  I’m talking about is the good, old fashioned mom and her little boy being silly and “cutting a rug” type of moves. 

Today we made up giant scissor arm moves. Oh! Then, we pretended we were shoveling. We have our own mini version of the Fox Trot and the Twist after trying to learn off of You Tube videos.

What fun. I love Dory and her “Just keep swimming”, and she inspired our new motto:

JUST KEEP DANCING. Now. Every day. Whenever we want to. And, coincidently, we have 2 days until we celebrate Little Bit turning 9. Thanks to a $1 singing Christmas ornament, we have some great new memories for the tail end of a wonderfully, beautiful, magical age of childhood, number 8. 

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