Farewell and Thank You,  Alabama 

Have you ever wrapped yourself up in and savored the days?

That’s how I feel about this week in Alabama. Some weeks seem to fly by, but we were downright comfortable in this one. 

Instead of rushing all about, our days were spent swimming in the ocean, watching birds and dolphins, eating fresh seafood, soaking up sunsets, building sand castles, doing a smidgen of sightseeing, playing games, having family time, and soaking up the salty sea air. 

In just a few hours, we will be packing our truck up, returning our beach house keys, and leaving this island. 

Last year when we left here, I felt really sad, I wasn’t ready to go yet. This time I feel more like I’m pulling on an old, frayed sweater. This time I know I wore this part of our vacation well. 

It’s been a good week. The moments here were enjoyed. I love how this place sort of fits us, like a favorite t-shirt that’s been washed a million times. Maybe that’s the gift of a return visit. 

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and we’re off to spend it in a new place, on a brand new adventure. However, the past seven days have spoiled us in a lot of  ways and I just want to say:  

Farewell and thank you, Alabama.  





38 thoughts on “Farewell and Thank You,  Alabama 

    • Wow, I bet living there is nice. I had to look up Gulf Breeze. Looks like it was north of us when we visited Pensacola. I’ve never been to SW Florida, only the east side of Florida. I’ve heard it’s pretty on the west side.

      Thank you so much for reading my stories. I also appreciate your information about the silverware sets.

      This was our 2nd year at Orange Beach area. Beautiful here. This time we rode on a helicopter tour of the Gulf State Park and the beach line. Looks so different from the air. A lot more inland water than I thought. :)


  1. Ah Jessica, it sounds as though you had such a lovely time. I could sense the contentment in your post. There’s nothing like time away amongst fresh sea air with family to rest and rejuvenate. And a helicopter ride to boot, how awesome!! Hope you’re having a lovely Mother’s Day. Big hugs to you Jessica. xo :)

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  2. I’m going to make that type of living into my everyday life! No matter what I have to give up, I will achieve my goal of living life to the fullest!

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