Are you ready to find out who won the ReSOlution of KINDness New Year’s Resolution contest?

My cat, Sophie, and I are ready to announce! The winner is…

A three way tie!!!!!!

Congratulations to Blair, Judi Hockabout, and Pan!

“A tie?” I bet your asking. Yes, indeed! Here’s why. After I read each person’s favorite kindness phrase and why it resonated with them, I realized some things. 

  • Kindness wears many coats. At any given moment, it can look different to different people.
  • Kindness radiates. It breaks through barriers. Even simple ones like categories, such as pets. Pan chose “Go ahead, stay in bed under the covers all day sweetie” from Week 3 and applied it to people as well. Love the outside the box thinking! 
  • 4 words can relate on so many levels.”You’re destined for greatness” from Week 1, reminded Judi of the story of the birth of her grandson and how it resonates with him. Love that connection!
  • Kindness and humor can go hand in hand. “Tuna party every day” from Week 3 is so funny and it warms my heart knowing that humor and cats are important to Blair.

If you will email me your mailing address, I will send your prizes. My email address is jessicaadam@unmeasuredjourneys.com. 

Thank you for participating! 



    11 thoughts on “Drumroll!

    1. WooHooooo !!!

      ↖ Me and Stewie doin a little dance 😄

      I’ll be emailing ya for the goods..and a special request about the gift certificate..
      Thanks much for the contest, it made for great interactive reading 👍

      Liked by 1 person

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