The Sounds of Home

Don’t you just love listening to things around you?

I do. Our life has slowed way down in recent months,  and I’ve really found myself embracing what I hear.

Do you ever do that? Just notice? Just listen? Just be aware?

I have been doing that a lot. It’s kind of funny how the act of simply listening can fill the gratefulness pails to the brim.

Lately, I’ve noticed how much I love the sounds of our daily life:

  • the hum of the dryer
  • Little Bit’s potato chip bag rustling in the other room
  • the cats meows 
  • water running in the sink
  • little feet tearing down the hallway
  • the opening of the garage door when my husband gets home from work
  • music on the iPad
  • the dog snoring
  • Little Bit’s singing while he plays
  • the thunder of last night’s storm
  • a car driving down the gravel road
  • bull frogs putting on a rock concert in the pond
  • spring peepers belting out a melody
  • when helicopters appear and we race out to see them
  • chit chat of the mourning doves
  • hoots of the owls
  • the pair of geese that flew over our heads at sunset last night
  • conversations of coyotes late on any given night

Ordinary? Maybe. Extraordinary? Definitely. 

Every single day, moments tick by. The second hand on the clock never seems to stop. What I love the most about listening is, that even though it doesn’t actually stop time, it puts us in the moment. This moment. 

Yesterday, listening graced me with multiple gifts:

  • In the afternoon, Little Bit burst into the room and announced that he was delighted that I am his best friend!
  • I got to hear the sloshes of little feet stomping wildly in puddles!
  • Spring’s serenade filled the house as we opened the windows to let in the warm March breeze.

Right now I can hear Little Bit’s breath as he sleeps, the cat pawing at the bedroom door, and a crow cawing outside the window. I don’t care so much for crows, but man, I sure do love the sounds of home.  


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