WPC: Admiration – for my mum

Remember Miriam?

I shared her story “The Longest Goodbye” that she wrote about her lovely mum. This time I am sharing an amazing tribute she wrote to her mum for Mother’s Day.

I really like it, hope you do, too.

Out an' About

When I saw this weeks Daily Post Photo Challenge on Admiration I knew straight away who I would write about – my mum.  My regular readers will know her story through The Longest Goodbye but for those who don’t know, my mum went into hospital a year ago for brain surgery and basically was never the same again.  She’s now cared for in a facility as she can no longer talk, walk or feed herself.  Her quality of life has long gone.

Here I want to remember and dedicate this post to the woman she was before the operation.  With Mothers Day being celebrated in Australia on Sunday it is my gift to her. And perhaps a bit of therapy for me.  So here I’m sharing some of my beautiful mum.

Her name is Rina.  Short for Pierina.

100_6551 (800x599)

Mum was born in Italy in 1928 and immigrated to Australia to…

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10 thoughts on “WPC: Admiration – for my mum

  1. How sad, but what a lovely tribute. My mom died last September aged 90, after suffering from dementia for a couple of years. Even though she was no longer the vibrant and smart woman we all knew, she never ceased to be the mom that I loved and admired.

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    • Oh no. I’m sad you lost your mom. :(

      I’m glad you read Miriam’s story. It’ll mean a lot to her. Did you have a chance to read her other story, “The Longest Goodbye”? It’s really good, but may be hard for you if your mom had a similar story. It’s very beautiful.


      • It was comforting though she wasn’t particularly good today, so it was nice to read to her. She seemed to understand. Between paragraphs I asked if she understood and she nodded her head. She rarely does that so I think she was with me.

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      • Miriam you are likely correct and has to be extreme comfort for your mother every time she has that two way communication, connection and closeness.. Too many times drs, staff and even families give up and talk at or about the person, leaving them an unwilling isolated bystander in their illness.. I would think that a torture of the mind..
        Your mom is blessed to have this bond with you..

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        • Thanks, I agree, I never give up trying to communicate with mum. Even though she can’t talk to me I assume she can understand me so I’ll read and show her photos. And just try and make her as comfortable as I can. It’s the least I can do. Thanks for your lovely comment.

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  2. For all of us who have been blessed with wonderful Moms that are now gone, Mother’s day is something different.. For me it’s a day I miss telling her all the reasons she’s the best Mom in the world.. My Mom died in 2012 and much changed in my life.. But of all the changes, missing her will always be the hardest for me..

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