Kind Inspiration

Isn’t it interesting how life evolves? How we can sometimes have our sights set for one path, yet end up on a new road and we didn’t even see the exit?

Seems to me, it’s on those journeys where we truly become enriched by life’s gifts that we might have missed if we’d stayed on the other path.

Miriam is on a completely different road than she’d expected after her mum went in for surgery and came back changed. We have been following her posts, and when I saw this one, I wanted to share it as well because life is about embracing what we are given, even if we don’t quite understand it.

Thank you for letting me share, Miri.

Out an' About

Many of you will be familiar with the story of my mum.  I wrote about her in The Longest Goodbye and she was also the focus for my Daily Post Admiration theme.  When Niki asked who inspired us, in week six of the kindness challenge, I couldn’t think of anyone to put above her.

Mum has always been inspiring and brave.  She emigrated to Australia back in 1953 to start a new life with my father, and I know the early years were not easy, but they carved out a good life. And a happy one.

When mum went into hospital for brain surgery 15 months ago she remained the same as she’s always been, hopeful and optimistic.

But there are no guarantees in life.

When she came out of the operation and in the following weeks of rehab, ups and downs and then more surgery, not once did…

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11 thoughts on “Kind Inspiration

  1. Jessica,
    What a great reminder you have brought to us through this re-post. No matter how paradoxical it seems, change is the one promised constant in our life. And if we do not embrace it, we will not fulfill our destiny.
    Blessings to you,
    Dajena :) <3

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  2. I am witness to the change that could happen after brain surgery or even a seemingly minor trauma to the brain. Two of my co-workers came back to work after these events, and they are not the same. It pains me that some seem to find it a challenge to extend understanding and kindness. Others who offer endless understanding and kindness inspire me.

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