Deer Leap

Yesterday, we went to our first “tween” event, which was super fun. Then, we headed up to a place on the river called Deer Leap.

It’s a Forest Service recreation area with a campground, where floaters put their canoes in and take them out in the warmer months.

I’ve shared lots pictures from here before. Love it! Yesterday, we had all this beauty to ourselves!

Hope you’re having a great day!


*** all photos are mine

©️Copyright 2019 Unmeasured Journeys

11 thoughts on “Deer Leap

    • Hi!! I apologize for such a late reply! I haven’t blogged in months… Thank you for your kind words. I think I was born to be in the woods and neat lakes and rivers. There’s just something, you know?


      • We did have flooding that was as high as last fall. Fortunately no crops in the field yet to drown out. We turned out pretty good in our area. Nebraska took a huge hit because a dam went out near Niobrara. I just keep praying for those ranchers and farmers as their livestock is stranded on small islands of ground.


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