Simply Words

This poor blog, forever faithful, just waiting for me to write something. Anything. Seven months have pasted since my last post, which seems quite unreal.

We all know how quickly the months parade on by, without even blinking, but, dang time can slow down already.

Here it is, almost summertime. My peonies are bursting with petals and color. All our trees are long past blooms and are wearing their lovely greens.

This week has been crazy with storms. Two days in a row it got very dark and the wind unleashed itself and whipped about. Lots of damage in areas around us, but we were spared.

I’ve tried to blog recently using my phone. I’d like to think that I am pretty technology savvy.  I mean, for eleven months last year, I was taking a super hard computer IT class.

It was amazingly difficult and I did pretty well. I learned about figuring out what’s wrong with a computer, the Linux operating system, Windows, administrative tools, working on the command line, how networking works, internet security and more.

So, here is the funny thing. I used to blog from my phone, which is essentially a computer of sorts. I could upload my pictures to my blog page right from my phone. Easy. Convenient. Loved it. But, now, I can’t. Enter two words: parental controls.

My gosh, that makes me laugh. There is some setting on my phone that won’t allow me to share my photos with WordPress. No luck. I have googled it. I have tried resetting the settings. Nothin’.

What’s a girl to do? A girl that is born to write?

I decided that maybe this is a test of sorts. Honestly, I started this blog to write and as it progressed, I got rather distracted by photograph sharing instead.

Which is fabulous, I LOVE taking pictures, it’s one of the best things I know how to do. But, I notice looking back at old posts, there’s lots of pictures and little words.

I’m going to challenge myself to get creative with words again. To get my keyboard clicking and letters to appear on the screen. If any of you are still here, I guess we will see where this leads.

It used to be when I would publish a post, the sweet folks on my email list would be notified. Not sure if that still happens when a blog has become quite stagnant for months on end. Guess we will see.

Maybe I will eventually figure out how to upload my pictures here. I’d really love for you to see my flowers and my chickens, who are new. We got three hens a few days ago and I love them!

Kittens are next on the list of things we’d like to have. So, hopefully, pictures will show up here again. For now, though, it’s simply words.

23 thoughts on “Simply Words

  1. Hi there! Good to see you! I hope you are doing well, considering everything going on right now (Covid-19). Like you, I have let my blog fall by the wayside…:( But, I think I’m going to scrap the few posts I have and start again…fresh, new content. Looking forward to seeing more from you! Take care!

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    • Hey girl. Great seeing you here. We have faired pretty well during all this stuff. Been doing a lot of fishing, actually. And, having a lot of fun. The weather has been pretty hit and miss. LOTS of rain and storms, then a nice day or two. Then, freezing cold. Ha ha. When it’s decent, we are outside.

      Seems like it’s easy sometimes to get distracted and not sit down and the computer and blog. I hope you keep that post where you went on that drive and shared all the places you went. I loved it. Hope you are doing great. This part is the best part of blogging for me, catching up with friends. Hope you have a wonderful day!

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      • Great to hear from you, too! And great to know you are doing well.

        We have had a lot of cold weather and rain this spring. It’s been a few years since we’ve had frost this late in the year, but we had a couple nights of it this past week. Forecast is looking much better after tomorrow, though…woooohooooo…lol

        Anyway, I am still working on the blog…have it set to private right now. I am doing a complete overhaul and not sure when I’ll have it set back to public, but it should be within the next couple weeks. I want to get some posts together. I feel like I’m going to be more committed this time around. I seem to be looking forward to it a lot more now, and that’s probably because I have more specific plans.

        As you said, it really is great to be able to keep in touch with those we’ve met along our journeys.

        Take care!
        Bonnie Jean

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    • Hey sweeeeeeeeet one! How ARE you? I am so happy you are here. Been anywhere beautiful lately? Beaches? Travel here has been zero lately. We have had the Stay Home orders. How are the twins???? Love and hugs to you. Miss you!

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      • Haven’t been traveling since I had the twins, they are now three! 😊 We are all well, so far so good. Our epidemic is said to peak in Aug/Sept so we still have the worst ahead of us, I fear… How’s Little Bit, or Big Bit by now? 💕Take care!


  2. Hey stranger!! Wonderful to hear from you. Thankful all is well with you and you sound really happy in your new world. All is well in KS. My grandkids were back last weekend!!

    Chickens?! You will love them. I gave my flock away last fall, was too busy to keep them and the coop up to my standards. Things have since slowed down and on April 1, Mr. Farmer brought home 12 baby chicks. Here I go again.

    I’m having issues with WordPress and my iphone too. When I try to do a post on the phone, WordPress throws me out!! When I try to upload iphone photos to WordPress from my computer, WordPress won’t accept them. And I thought I was the problem of those issues. Good to know that it’s not just me.

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    • Ha ha about the baby chicks!! I LOVE babies!! Any kind of babies. It is so good to see you here! I am happy to hear your grandkids were able to come. I have watched the virus stuff in KS and wondered if it was everywhere in KS or just the city area around KC.

      You are right! I do love these chickens. I wanted to get them right when we moved… then, my neighbor was getting a dozen new chicks and these 3 girls don’t like other chickens, so I got these 3. They are absolutely lovely. We have the best conversations!! Such talkers! Ha ha. We’re getting about 2 eggs a day, just enough for my husband to have some omelets. Next on my want list, is baby ducks!

      That is very interesting about WP and your phone and computer issues with photos! Hmmm. I thought it was just me, as well. Maybe there are some system glitches somewhere. Totally possible.

      Are you still taking your country drives? I haven’t had a chance to look at your blog. Do you still do the church series? Boy, how I loved those. Miss you oodles! I am so glad that you commented. Love you and big hugs!


  3. I’m glad to hear from you again! And I have to admit, I’d have no idea how to get a parental control off of my phone either….and Word Press has been acting up lately, so no wonder you’re struggling! I’m just glad that you’re blogging for now. You’ll figure out how to do the photos eventually!

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    • So good to see your name! How are you doing? How’s your mom? Months ago when I was blogging, she was moving from her house into residential care, maybe? She’d just gotten the unit she wanted.

      Ha ha, about the parental control thing. My kiddo is just barely a teen, so I had to go into the settings and do some stuff. Apparently, I checked some box somewhere!! Pretty funny. Can’t even use my own phone! So great hearing from you. Hope you have a beautiful day!


      • Mom did get into her independent living center, and has been doing very well there. With the Covid-19 situation, I can’t go into her apartment right now (or the building itself), but she can come out and get the supplies I bring her and we talk on the phone often. So it’s a good thing for her!

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  4. Good to hear from you again Jessica! I’ve been missing your posts! And oh my do months and years ever PARADE on! Do you have an Instagram account? If so, I’d love to follow you there as well to see your beautiful pictures… which I’m certain you have an abundance of! If you are on Instagram — you can find me @myfarmlifebestlife — would love to connect with you there too! And your peonies are blooming?! Wowza! Mine are just emerging from the ground! Can’t wait for their blooms! <3

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    • Hello sweetheart!! How are you? Oh my- you’re so very sweet! That means the world to me that you’ve missed my posts and pictures. Thank you for that. You know, I do have an Instagram account. I’ve never posted on it- ha ha. Maybe I’ll start. I’ve had it probably a year and a half! Perhaps this is the little kick start I need! I’ll see if I can find you on there.

      My peonies are gorgeous- in full bloom. Isn’t it somethin’ to anticipate their arrival? It’s almost like waiting for an old friend to pull up after a long absence. Gone all winter, back in the spring. When yours return, if love to see them.

      I’ve missed you too, girl! How’s business? Still bringing gorgeous pieces out of barns and into houses? Love that concept: once useful, then rested, then useful once more.

      Hope you have a fantastic day!


  5. Hi Peggy here with a new blog. Technology went haywire on my laptop. Am now blogging from my desk top. My old blog aquietandpeaceablelife got corrupted somehow and I had to shut it down. Now I am posting with my new blog Peggyscountrylife. Do not believe I will ever be a tech whiz. Glad to see you are doing well and you are still alive. It is easy to let things slid with a blog and take a break now and then. I once did that for 7 months and enjoyed every minute of it. Take care, be safe, and hope your pictures show up on your blog soon.

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    • Peggy!!! Long time! ❤️ Oh my gosh! Did you lose everything with your old blog? I’m so glad you started a new one. Thank you for letting me know. How’s Arkansas? Is the weather being kind to you? Seems like I blinked and summer is arriving. What a weird spring. ❤️ I’ll look at your blog and catch up. Hope you have a wonderful day!


      • Lost everything on my old blog. Let it go for awhile then decided to try again. Arkansas is wet and more wet this year with several tornadoes doing a lot of damage, but not in our area. Hate this virus messing up everyone’s world. Yes, one blink and about half a year goes by. You should find my blog by clicking on my gravtar picture here. Nice to see you around.

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        • Wow, your comment is from MAY! I am super behind!! I haven’t been on the internet much since my last post. Hope you are doing great! O will definitely check out your site. Thank you.


    • Hiiiiii!!! Thank you so much! We are doing great, thank you. Our state just went into part one of the recovery phase and lifted the Stay Home order. We have been home and actually loving it. How are you doing? Thank you for commenting. I didn’t even know if this post would get seen, it’s been so long, ha ha.


      • We are doing well, also enjoying being home all the time. John goes out more than I do. About every other week he meets with nine other volunteers to tape part of the Sunday services for our church. We’ve also been with our neighbors outdoors. We’ve visited on porches or out in the yard, and we had a cookout while keeping six feet apart. There are five houses on this dead end street. Only two people are still working, while the rest of us are retired. We’ve had it so much easier than many folks.

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