The Middle

Where to start writing after a six plus month period of not writing. Tricky. The beginning sounds sort of reasonable maybe, but some ‘begin to now’ timeline feels a bit more linear today than I’d like.

My last post was a self invented challenge of sorts to not post any photographs and simply write, words. To essentially get back to the roots of why I started this blog in the first place.

From May to now, I have a whopping zero posts done. None. I suppose I could chalk it up to all the normal stuff that comes into play: busy with other things, life, this and that, the days tic by and before I knew it, half a year had passed. Those certainly are a huge chunk of it.

But, also intertwined in the mix was a combo of blocks. Maybe you know them? Writer’s Block, Artist Block, Creativity Block. Seems like they can sneak in when we are preoccupied with various things and they can make themselves right at home.

Soon, staring at a blank screen or blank notebook can lose its appeal and become an avenue of “I should write/ draw/ create, but I can’t. Nothing is coming out.”

Which, really, is not the coolest thing ever. It’s like sitting on the edge of some grand-to-me idea but not being able to pinpoint what exactly it is. Last spring that is where I was. I had a feeling I was meant to be doing some ‘thing’, but couldn’t figure it out what it was.

Until I did. An amazing tool showed up. Enter the book called, “The Artist’s Way.” I love that, don’t you? How tools show up? Especially those times when they really, truly resonate.

As I did the tasks, the blocks started becoming clear. Where they came from, how they got there, why they stuck. Things I had totally forgotten about such as: comments made to me in my youth, getting yelled at by the art teacher in sixth grade in front of everyone, competitiveness carried over from many years, and more. As I continued to do the work, more things unraveled.

What a gift it is to let all that stuff go, even now.

To open up and let my authentic in like I have never been able to do before. It’s been a somewhat hard, but beautiful adventure. I saw old patterns and even figured out why I’ve never had the confidence to stand up for myself or on my own.

Enlightening, to say the least. Anyway, tonight I had a draw to the blog, to write some post about whatever came to mind. This is it, ha ha. It feels really nice to sit down and write something again. So instead of starting at point A and going to Z, I believe I’ll keep writing from right where I am, in the middle.

21 thoughts on “The Middle

  1. I, too, have traveled the highs and lows of writing and life. Having those long term hiatuses of blogging. 😬 I am committed to making a go of it now, however, and have learned so much. There is so much more to blogging than just sitting down to write (the part we bloggers all love!) I will have to check out the book you’ve mentioned here. It sounds very helpful and encouraging! Welcome back, my friend! 😀


    • What a beautiful thing to read today. Thank you for sharing your experiences and thoughts. I started blogging in 2015 after a pretty alarming medical misdiagnosis, the kind where you get scared that you better start living your life n-o-w. AKA start the blog now, not in 10 years type thing. I agree, I didn’t realize blogging now is more than just the writing part. I’ve got some new things to learn, ha ha. I’m excited to do some updates and things.

      Sorry for the reply delay. Technical issues. Thanks again, for commenting.


    • Francesca!!! My darling friend, how are you? I am sorry I have lost touch. Last I had read was about losing your Daddy. I hope you are getting along ok. Did you ever sell the Rabbit Patch? I am so behind!! Haven’t seen the reader in many months.

      Oh my gosh, you have read that book??? It’s changing my life, for the better. I also love her other books. I am gathering quite a collection of them, ha ha.

      I am so happy to see your name here. Thank you for reading my post and commenting. Huge and big love to you. PS my Little Bit is taller than I am now! Kiddos sure grow up fast! Thank you- Merry Christmas to you as well!!

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      • yes to the book! I have missed you and hearing about your not so little Bit.When daddy got sick, I stopped advertising the rabbitpatch. Maybe soon, I will try again, but I have to help Mama, so I am not sure. My classes are all outside and now it is so cold! But I feel safe, this way. I lost a best friend a few weeks back-still in shock. The family is doing well, thankfully. I sure hope you are-Merry Christmas! love F.


    • Diane, hey girl!! Thank you very much. I opened my reader last night for the first time in half a year, and saw all of your recent delicious recipes!! That peanut butter fudge looks divine! And, great timing, too. I need some fun easy recipes for this week. (if anybody is reading this, her website is fabulous.)

      Thank you for joining me here again, after such a loooooooong ‘step out and do other things’ on my part. I am excited to be here. Hope you have an absolutely marvelous day. Lots of them, actually.


    • Hi Anne, thank you so much! What a wonderful surprise to check my blog and see your comment. Can’t wait to get caught up on your adventures that I have missed during my blogging absence. Hope you are your beautiful family and friends are all doing wonderfully. Love what you said about “wonderful way to write.” It’s a quiet revelation of sorts. Defies all of the ‘must start at chapter one, line one.’

      Thank you for being here. Even after a loooooong dry spell on my part. Means a lot!!


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