My Heart and Art

I love art. I’ve been making it for awhile now. About a year ago, I had this sort of innate desire to create stuff. So, I started. It is such great fun. Then, yesterday, my pieces emerged out of my craft space and into my first-ever booth at an Arts and Crafts Fair!

You guys, I was so nervous to call to find out if there were even any booths available. Why? What’s the big deal? Well, for one, art hanging on my walls is pretty different from the chance for it to maybe hang on someone else’s. I almost backed out of calling, but then I did it anyway.

Sometimes things that seem risky are worth the chance! I met so many wonderful people there. It was also really exciting to have my own booth! I am just very gratitude filled for the opportunity. The pieces that I loved making were well received. It was really cool to see someone pick up one of my pieces and comment about it or say they were getting it as a gift for someone. How cool is that?

If I met you at the show, thank you for looking at my blog. As soon as I figure out my next steps, I will do a post with information. Right now I am trying to decide on online platforms and where to sell. If you bought a piece from me, I thank you will my entire heart!

Hope you have a wonderful day! Thanks for reading!


My Heart and Art

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