Squeezing in Summer

I haven’t been writing on here. With all this talk about fall, I’ve been squeezing in as much summer as I can.

If there was a bus between seasons, I’d be the last one on the bus to autumn. I LoVe, love, love summer!!

Every day for weeks, I’ve been in our pool. They say vitamin D can be soaked up from the sun, I’ve been getting my share, ha ha.

Labor Day came and went with a day spent bowling, a day trip to Arkansas, and two days by the pool.

And, to top off all this squeezing in summer?

A county fair yesterday!

Ferris Wheel
view from Ferris Wheel
these made me laugh!
sunset at the fair
see all those boxes? potatoes!
those potato boxes belong here

We rode the carnival rides. On one, for some reason, I laughed the entire ride! I could not stop laughing!!

this ride made me laugh!

We watched the demolition derby, too. It’s crazy how those cars get all banged up!

loved that a car was pink!
love Ferris Wheels at night

We had a wonderful time! In the next few weeks, there are two more fairs we are going to. Take a few steps backwards Fall, we’re not quite done with summer yet! Most are, of course, but we aren’t. Ha ha.

Hope you have a great day!


19 thoughts on “Squeezing in Summer

    • Seems like when it’s so hot, air conditioning is best. Today and tomorrow are our last big days of summer weather it looks like. Yesterday it was 97. Thursday it drops to high 80. I will be swimming until then. Ha ha.

      The county fair this weekend is about 50 miles away. I think we’re going Saturday. There’s wristbands for rides from 1-5 pm.

      I mailed you a letter yesterday. 8 pages. 😊😊

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      • I know you mentioned the derby. We have one too but I’ve never been. You have to get your tickets early for that because it’s so popular. One of these years I’ll go. Have fun! Can’t wait to get you letter!!

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        • Love that you commented- I have been writing a post at the same time you commented. In your letter, you’ll understand what I mean. ❤️

          The demolition derby was sold out, too. We watched through the fence. Closer to the cars I guess. Thank you. I’m excited to go again.

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  1. I’m doing the same thing….hanging on to the last of Summer with both hands. Fall will be here soon enough, I’m not ready for the change yet. And those fairs look like so much fun! It’s been years since I’ve been to one.

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    • LOVE that! Holding onto n with both hands! Agree. I love when the days are long and it gets dark around 9 pm. The sun is starting to set earlier. Booooo!! Ha ha. Maybe you could go to a fair sometime. We hadn’t been since 2019. It was really neat to see all the people gathered to have a good time. Nothing beats the midway lights at night on a warm summer evening. The next two we’re going to are smaller towns. I might play a game at the next one- ha! Everyone was walking around with stuffed animals and prizes they’d won. Be fun to try to win something.

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    • Summer twins! :) It was really fun. Joy is a great word! Thank you! Hope you’re doing well. How’s your weather there? We have a couple of cool days, then near 90 again! Woo hoo!! Friends are coming to swim on Friday.


  2. Oh, this looks so fun. It makes me want to go to a county fair. I like summer very much, too, but I do get tired of the humidity and those very hot days. I’ve never seen pink Johnny-on-the-Spots! I also like kettle chips – too much! Thanks for your post!

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    • Hi! I’d never seen those pink ones either! I probably looked silly taking a photo of them, but I had to! Ha ha. It sure was a hot summer- I’m thankful for our pool. Those chips were so good. Loved watching them swirl the potatoes and dip them in the oil. They cook so fast. Yum. I wanted to get a cheesecake on a stick- I used to always get those before food allergies took over. So, I passed, but I considered it. Ha ha. This fair was in Cape Girardeau. The next is Stottard County, then the last one we have planned is in the boot heel- at Kennet, MO. Then we start pumpkin patches. Arkansas has some fun pumpkin patches. Thank you for reading and commenting. Appreciate that!

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