Miracles and Gratitude Day 7


  • having a whole Saturday with my dad
  • going to garage sales with my dad
  • getting a hug from my dad

Yesterday, Saturday, my son and I spent the day with my dad. We went to garage sales, out to eat, saw a Memorial for veterans, and went to a quilt show in a small town.

It was fun going to garage sales with my dad. I love watching him shop and get bargains. I got a few things for my art and my craft booth. I have a craft show on October 8th.

Dad didn’t go into the quilt show, but I wanted to see what it was about. My goodness, it was amazing!!!!! So many gorgeous quilts made by people in this area.

Next to the Memorial Building is the Veterans Memorial.

the Memorial Building in Rock Port Missouri
looking up at this gorgeous building
quilt show in Rock Port, Missouri
a quilt at the quilt show in Rock Port, Missouri
quilt show in Rock Port, Missouri
Rock Port, Missouri quilt show
Veterans Memorial Rock Port, Missouri, next to the Memorial Building
Veterans Memorial Rock Port, Missouri

Miracle Photos:

lunch out with my dad

yum! fajitas I had out to eat with my dad

This beautiful wood trim:

wood trim on an old building
I saw with my dad

Those may not seem like miracles, but they are to me. Doing anything with my dad, after losing my momma, is a gift that feels like a miracle.

Hope you have a nice Sunday.


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** all writing and photos are by me

12 thoughts on “Miracles and Gratitude Day 7

  1. I like this small-town feel you show here Jessica and the nice memorial to those lives lost. I have never seen quilts displayed at a show before – very nice and so homey looking. My great grandmother used to make quilts and we had two that I can still recall, though I was very young.


    • Hi. I bet you would’ve loved that quilt show. There were rows and rows of gorgeous quilts. Each had a tag that said if it was hand sewn or machine shown and other details. My favorites were the hand cut and hand sewn. Oh my, so much work. The material and patterns in every quilt was amazing. I took way more pictures than I shared. Thank you. I glad we got to go. I get so homesick.

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  2. Those quilts are beautiful! I especially like the “Over the River” one. It’s wonderful you could spend time with your dad. And I love the ornate wood trim on the building. Hope you have a great week ahead!

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    • Isn’t that building trim cool? I love that the paint is all cracked. Thank you. I loved seeing that quilt, too. When we were kids, we had a station wagon. When my parents took us to Christmas at their parent’s houses, we’d sing that song on the way there. Love that. Thank you- heading half way home today. Will finish the drive tomorrow. Have bowling Tuesday night.

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  3. Love the pictures of the quilts. Our church just made a quilt for a new couple as a wedding gift. Many of the women in our church made one square and then a woman who makes quilts all the time finished it up. I hate garage sales, but my husband loves them, and he often takes our daughter along. I am not sure how much she likes the sales, but I know she loves the daughter/daddy time.

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    • Hi. And, welcome! Oh my, how sweet that a wedding quilt was made. Love that each woman made a square. That would be a true keepsake. I understand- I don’t go to garage sales unless I’m with my dad or sister usually. Though my husband, son, and I went to a 100 mile yard sale a couple of months ago. Daughter/dad/daddy time is the best! I’m so glad you commented. Thank you!


      • We got up early because grandson David was the organ tech today. The organist was away, and he made the instrument play music she had recorded for the service. We left the house at 7:30 because he did both services. He is tired now and taking a nap. I enjoyed the early service and Bible class, then I looked at Reader during the second service. I’m going to take a nap, too.


        • That’s really nice that he does that for the church. Sounds like a good person. Love that he was at your house napping. I miss being at my grandparents. Lot them all. Hope you got a great nap.


          • The organist doesn’t go away very often, and so far, David is the only person who is willing to do the tech job. He grew up sitting on the organ bench with me, so I guess he feels at home there. I can’t see music to play any more, since my eye leaked.

            Yes, I had a great nap, and then neighbor Joyce came over to visit for a while.

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