Miracles and Gratitude Day 19


  • Rain!!!! We are in a severe drought with burn bans daily and right this second it’s raining!
  • The rain may help fill our pond where the deer drink water. It’s been so low.
  • A kind gentleman started brush hogging our back field yesterday. I can walk out there now without getting caught up in stickers.

Miracle photos:

clouds above my field yesterday
blue sky and clouds above my field
back behind the tall trees has been brush hogged (mowed with a tractor)
this side is next to be brush hogged
(mowed with a tractor)

How’s it going with your gratitude and miracles? Hope you’re still seeing them. I took a week off to just give myself some grace. Hope you have a great day!


9 thoughts on “Miracles and Gratitude Day 19

  1. Beautiful photos! Thanks for telling me what “brush hogged” meant. :) Gratitude: 1) The Fall colors are glorious this year. 2) I’m looking at 2 yellow roses I cut from my rose bush yesterday. Late bloomers. and 3) I am going to visit my daughter this weekend in D.C. Miracles: 1) It felt like a miracle when we got our camper winterized. :) and 2) We got my mom set up with a hospital bed and disposed of her old one, and that felt like a miracle, too. :) It’s good to give yourself some grace! Hope you have a great day!

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    • Yay- happy you get to see your daughter soon. Don’t forget the apple (to hide when you leave.) That’ll be nice to have her to yourself a couple days. I saw that camper winterizing post!!! Bravo to you two! That’s so great that you still get to go to Texas. A new bed for your mom sounds great- hospital beds have several benefits, it seems. Raise/lower and things. I bet those roses are lovely, especially because they’re your favorite color! Thank you for joining in. Tell Dan hi, please.

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