On Book Writing

Ever since my momma passed, I’ve been contemplating writing a book . I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tossed the idea around and I still can’t quite decide…

I seem to have a “have to know how to do things” kind of mindset. If I don’t know how to do something, I read.

In the first few days following her passing, I started looking for books on momma loss. I read two immediately and I did like them, but they weren’t exactly what I needed. Right then is when I started thinking about writing a book.

Some days, I’m like, “Yes!!! I’m going to do it.”

Other days, not quite so much.

The back and forth of it is:

  • it would be the shortest book e v e r because the only chapter in it would be called “Too Hard”
  • or, it would be really great- the exact thing I needed/need and be absolutely soul lifting, but no one would want to read it because who wants to read about loss

Although, on the other hand, maybe it could help someone, like me, who had their momma/ loved one rug pulled out from under them…

That part always keeps me leaning towards doing it.

These last 375 days, I have learned a bunch about kindness, compassion, crying anywhere, things that help, showing up, lonely days, songs, Tuesdays, gifts to give, gifts received, support systems, and writing, during some messy hard days.

I tried to imagine if I had a friend in momma loss who was talking about writing a book about such things, would I read it?

  1. Well, yes because it’s a friend and it’s good to read friends books.
  2. Would I read it if I still had my momma? I probably wouldn’t have before I lost her. I mean, momma loss was not on my mind.
  3. Would I read it after I lost my momma? Every day of the week.

If you’ve been around here awhile, you may know that I’m a “go with my heart” type of writer. My friend SanDee and I always talk about how my heart is on my sleeve. It got me thinking that this could be one of those times that heartfelt writing could maybe help somebody out.

Heck, maybe I ought to do it. I guess we’ll see.

Thanks for reading.


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26 thoughts on “On Book Writing

    • Hi. Your ‘always go for things’ reminds me of when I asked you if I could send your mom a gift. I didn’t know if I could but I asked anyway. Remember when she got it??? So darn sweet. You’re right, it’s worth taking a chance on things. Sending her that gift was a total heart thing. So, is this. Thank you for sharing your insights. I appreciate you so much!

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  1. I would absolutely read it! I still have my momma, but my dad and my last grandpa died 4 months apart in 2019. Both suddenly, and to say those losses and the ones before and after have ripped my heart out, over and over again would be an understatement. I would read your book. Just like I enjoy reading your blog.

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    • I’m so sorry you’ve had to go through all those losses. Two in four months had to have been sooooo hard. I’m glad you have your momma. Really glad. Thank you for what you said and for reading my blog. Means a lot.


  2. Here’s how I see this, Jessica. I think you’ve already written much of this book – in your blog posts. I see a title as something like, “Journey through Grief” or “365 Thoughts to Ponder as You Grieve” or something along those lines. Each entry could be a post – one small thought to ponder. To help someone get through a day. To read something to remind a person that he or she is not alone. While no two journeys are exactly the same, there is commonality in our humanity. When a person is deep in grief, he or she usually can’t take but a bit, a tiny morsel of intake. By this, I mean, reading may be limited, thoughts may be distracted. The book could give a tiny light to guide someone through the next hour. Because in grief, getting through even an hour can be tough. A book about grief isn’t a “how to get through it” kind of book. Rather, it would be a “let’s walk together.” And here’s my final thought. Sometimes, – not at the beginning but later on – the journey out of grief – or of sadness or of some challenge – is to look outside yourself – at others – and to serve them in some way. Even if just a small way. This book could be that for you. Just my thoughts.


    • Hi. I didn’t mean I’d write a how to book. I just meant, that’s how I try to get through things I’ve never been through. Thank you for your suggestions- you make some great points. The word ‘snippets’ come to mind. Tiny pieces of light to help guide a way. Or something like that. I’ve been rereading my posts for the past year. Some good stuff. What I have in mind is new- it ties in with one post. I appreciate your insights and ideas. Thank you.

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      • Oh, I didn’t mean you’d write a “How To” book. That thought just flowed out. We both know grief is not a linear process! These were just my thoughts. I am sure you have your own ideas, and I am sure those ideas are quite wonderful. I’m just throwing my thoughts into the mix. :)

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        • Hi. I think I misread your comment the first time. Sorry. I’m glad you’re throwing your thoughts into the mix. I love what you said about commonality in our humanity. Plus, you’re in mom loss as well. Bouncing ideas off each other is helpful. Thank you for your insights. I appreciate you and your ideas. The title ideas and everything. Thank you.

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    • Franscesca, hello darling. I love that so much- ‘whether you publish it or not.’ You had me with son and grandchildren. Thank you, sweetheart. Hope you’re doing well.


  3. Sharing tips and experiences are wonderful reasons to write a book. I encourage you to follow your inclination, and if you find you can’t do it, see what it was leading you to do. I wish I’d promise you I’d read your book, but I wouldn’t. My vision is not good, and I no longer read anything printed. Good luck!


  4. Writing is such a great tool to get all your emotions out – the bad days, as well as the good ones (or should I say the better days). If you want to write that book Jessica, do it! Even if it takes you months (maybe even a year). For me, writing is one of the best natural medicines to articulate what you feel/experience. And yes, your story might just be of help to another person in the same situation 🌸.

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