Unlikely Places

~Lovely Sunflowers~

~Lovely Sunflowers~

Where do you go to find your “center”? Do you have a place where you can of let go of your worries and gather your strength, all the while feeling completely at home in your heart? 

Some people find this in church. Others find it being with a favorite pet. Music or art is a good way to revive one’s soul. Maybe your place is in your favorite hobby. Some of my friends find their “center” when they go running.

It seems to be different for each person. For me, being in nature drops the worries and refreshes my mind. Standing on the top of a mountain is bound to be absolutely so freeing. Even a hike in the woods on a brisk fall day, with colored leaves blowing about, will sweep the negatives right out.

Like many, I’m sure, nature is my go-to. Which is why recently I was more than surprised to find a place where I could connect with my heart and my purpose right in the middle of the small town where we live.

An unlikely place, it is actually something I’ve never heard of or even considered. It is called:

Holy Yoga

Now, I’ve been to church. And, I’ve been to yoga. But, both at the same time? That was quite a new concept for me. I was intrigued, so I went.

It’s a rare occasion when a writer like me can’t think of how to accurately describe something. Adjectives don’t even seem touch it.

When I left the first class I got in my truck and said, “I found my church.” And, that’s a pretty profound statement for me. I’ve spent many Sundays sitting in various pews looking for the right church fit.

This is different. The instructor is humble, honest, and sincere. It is easy to tell that enlightening others in whatever they believe is her passion. She is very clear that it isn’t about her ideas or beliefs. It’s hard to explain, it’s like the lessons just radiate the room. Then, there’s twenty-some people doing yoga as a united group, but at the same time the “Holy” is very individual.

At the beginning of class I felt like I walked in with my worries in buckets. As the class went on, I almost literally felt myself set them down. She spoke of foundations and rocks. One yoga pose is called Mountain Pose. Basically, you are standing tall, hands at your sides, and palms out. I remember her saying to clench our fists really tight, then let it go.

It was as easy as that.

Here’s to mountains, un-clenched fists, and finding our “heart’s center” in unlikely places.

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