My Amazing Parents

Have you ever just wanted to shout off of the roof tops to tell the world something? 

I feel like doing that this evening. 

Today is my parents 49th wedding anniversary. How cool is that? I am just in awe of the love and commitment it takes to essentially spend a lifetime with someone. 

Of course, they had amazing marriage role models. Dad’s parents were married 72 years when his dad passed away. Mom’s parents were close to 52 years when her momma passed. 

Now, they are passing the gift of long lasting relationships on to me. In June, my husband and I will have our 21st anniversary of our first date! 

I just wanted to write something tonight and, it’s different than my regular posts, so I hope you don’t mind. Here goes…

Dear Dad and Mom, 

What an wonderful journey you’ve been on, from high school sweethearts, to celebrating your anniversary today. 

I can’t even begin to wrap words around how extremely blessed I am to not only be your daughter, but to also be your friend. 

I love how you’ve always put us kids first. You definitely have a heart for parenting. Even when I about drove you crazy, you still stuck by my side. 

YOU taught me what unconditional love is all about. YOU taught me about love, grace, compassion, and how to tuck kindness in my pocket on days when someone I may meet might need it. 

I love how you’ve always been hands on parents. Through the years you’ve shown up at every football, basketball, track, cheerleading, dance recital, and band event. 

Then, when grandkids entered the picture, you’ve done the same for them, even when you have a long way to travel to get to us, you still come. That means SO much! 

“Thank you” seems so inefficient when trying to sum up all the things you’ve not only done for me and my life, but for simply being who you are. The best parts of who I am started with who you are. 

I am honored to know you and if there was a building around here right now, I’d be standing on that roof and belting out, “Happy Anniversary to you, my amazing parents. ” 

I love you both very much! 

Jessica Lyn 



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