A Different Kind of Wild

Where you live, do you ever see any wild animals? 

I bet that seems like an odd question. It sort of reminds me of when we bought our first house about ten miles from here. Upon introductions to the new neighbor there, he announced that just down the road was a wild animal zoo. 

Then, he added an “oh by the way” type statement, saying that the monkeys had escaped on occasion and made their way up into the trees. 

Hmmm. Nice to meet you, I’ll be repacking my things now! 

We decided to take our chances and we stayed in that house for eight years. I am very happy to report that we never did see any monkeys milling about. 

After we outgrew that house, we moved here. Most of you may remember that we live in the country. In fact, our small acreage used to be a part of a 150 acre family farm at one time. That means we share our land with lots of animals and we love seeing them. 

A few mornings ago, two deer were standing in our front yard when I went out at sunrise. The quails  are calling again for the first time this spring. The cardinals and gold finches are regulars at our bird feeders. At night, we hear owls, whippoorwills, and coyotes. Then, of course, there’s the radio blaring possum from my past stories! 

Saturday when my Dad was visiting, we decided to take him to see that nearby wild animal zoo. 

Would you believe that not far from my house, smack dab in the middle of all this rural land lives a lion, tigers, a giraffe, buffalo, zebras, among others? 

It’s true! 

What a fun afternoon! They have a walk through area where you can see several animals up close and feed them. There is also a drive thru park and they give you the choice of riding on one of their buses or driving your own vehicle. 

We were a bit short on time, so we drove our truck. However, Little Bit and I have been there before and rode the bus. It was especially fun because even though you can’t feed from your own vehicle, you can feed from the bus. 

The path leads around to some amazing scenery and lakes. It is so beautiful there. Most of the animals are out grazing and that provides great opportunities to take pictures from your vehicle. What a neat experience. 

We bid our farewell to the animals of the zoo and headed home. I have to tell you, even though we see animals a lot, we really enjoyed our time seeing animals that are a different kind of wild.     

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