Rest Well, Moon

Don’t you just love the moon? 

We do. It all started with my mom. She loves the moon. A notice-r of truly wonderful things, she started this tradition of calling or texting when the moon is baring it’s soul to the nightly skies. 

Today, I experienced a different kind of moonlit sky. Just before sun up, I walked out my front door to leave for an early appointment. Lately we’ve been blessed with 70 degree weather causing fog to crawl about on the cool morning air. 

As I looked up to the west, a smile crossed my face. There in the most unexpected place sat a full moon! 

For a few seconds, it was like I had that moon all to myself. No one in the subdivision was outside. It’s hard to tell you how amazingly huge it was! It was totally out of place in that westwardly blue sky. 

For 30 miles, the moon accompanied me on my drive. There aren’t many cars around here on the backroads at that hour, so it was doubly peaceful. 

A glance in my rear view mirror presented quite a gift. The sun was making its way to this day and was a ball of brilliant red. The sun and moon complete circles visible at the same moment. 

It seemed almost like a shift change. Perhaps the moon was saying, “Good morning, Sun.  Sleep well?”

Maybe the sun replied, “Yes, thank you for the break! It’s going to be a beautiful day.” 

Within a few miles, the sun was higher in the sky and the moon disappeared, leaving me drenched in gratitude for witnessing such grace. Rest well, moon. 

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