It’s Back

Remember that possum? The one that blared the garage weather radio at 3 am and got into a bag of apples on my deck?

Yeah, I forgot about it too. I mean, if you don’t see something, it has to be gone, right? 

Last night, I walked into the garage, shrieked, then slammed the door. 

Apparently, it’s back. 


Maybe my cat is wearing a disguise??? 

29 thoughts on “It’s Back

  1. Yikes! That’s scary! You actually got a chance to take a photograph?? I can’t believe the cheek and bravado of it – continuing to eat quite unbothered, probably wondering why you’re disturbing it in its ‘natural’ habitat. How’s it getting in? Do you know? Is there any anti-possum device you can buy? Keep us updated, Jessica.

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    • The garage door was up, I’d just been to town and the cat food bowl in the garage was full. We’re keeping the door down now and brought cat food inside. :) The idea is to eliminate food source and it moves on. Fingers double crossed!

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