Gifts in Themselves

Have YOU ever gotten a present for someone else’s birthday? 

That’s such a weird concept, but that has happened to me and Little Bit! 

A few weeks ago I reblogged a story about a gentleman who works as a manager and I told you that my husband does as well. 

For nearly six years, my husband has put in a lot of hours into his job. Most weeks that office saw him 70-80 hours! Which is great for the company. He helped completely turn a business that was in the hole, around. 

But we haven’t seen him much and we missed him! 

Seems like there’s always a pull of this and that in life. Things that require a lot of time in one area, usually mean less time in others. 

But, I have exciting news! After lots of thinking and weighing options, we are in a new phase. He gave up his high stress, long hours job and took a new position at a different company.

Woo hoo!! 

We get to see my husband before dark! We never did before. We get to eat dinner at the table, all at the same time! On the weekends, we get to do fun family things because he’s not so exhausted now. 

Our pets are even in on the excitement, they get to see him more, too. In fact, his birthday is next week and Lulu Jones (our black cat) even tried to help me wrap presents today. Knee deep in wrapping paper, I realized something. 

Having someone you love around more often really is priceless. And, the smiles that are plastered on our faces, truly are gifts in themselves. 

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