Meet Sara

Don’t you just love those stories about how when an animal needs a home, it gets one? 

Oh my gosh! Me, too. 

A few months ago, my parents were shopping. Dad wanted to go into a sporting goods store that was right next to a pet store. 

What’s a girl to do?

My “heart of gold” mom who looooooooves cats, marched herself right in to the pet store! 

There was an extremely nervous female cat hiding in a crate. Like so nervous, that no one could see her face. Mom was curious, so she asked about her. 

Turns out, after 8 years, the previous owners gave her to a shelter. The poor thing’s life had to have been flipped sideways. She had such a hard time adapting, the shelter took her to the pet store. 

The pet store workers tried to talk mom into getting a friendly, yellow tabby, but  mom went with her heart and chose the  cat that nobody wanted. 

Good choice.

After a few weeks, that once “scared in the pet store” cat, warmed up. 

Now, it’s almost like she’s right where she was meant to be, with mom and dad. 

Meet Sara!


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