Try Anyway

Have you ever completely stepped outside  of your comfort zone and tried out for something you might not get? 

Oh man, I have! 

In 9th grade, I tried out for cheerleader. Just picture a small town high school gym, all the football/ basketball players in the bleachers, and me, some awkward and uncoordinated teenager down in front of all of them, trying to belt out a cheer and do a cartwheel! 

Hmm… I’m not really the cartwheel type, but somehow I made it onto the JV squad! 

Something similar happened to me last month. A health/ wellness website I love was seeking writers. Like paid writers. I’ve never tried out for anything like that before, so I applied real quick before I could talk myself out of it. 

Then, I waited.

And, waited. 

And, waited. 

I checked my email every 5 minutes for like 3 days. Nothing. 

While waiting, I found myself actually brainstorming ideas for a health category on my own blog. Plus, that’s also when I woke up and suddenly had an idea for a book, completely out of the blue…

Pretty cool. 

And, guess what! You will never believe this. That email that I was eagerly anticipating? 

It came!

I get a chance. 

The lesson?  

Even on those days when self doubt comes sneaking in, push it to the side, and try anyway! 

42 thoughts on “Try Anyway

        • Oh man, it’s been a time and a half. My laptop has some glitches with WP for some reason. One night I was up wring until 3:45 am and got a bunch done. It didn’t save. Then, I found out through my phone that it did save, only after sheer frustration and tears!! Then I was up late another night, got more done, then hit something on my laptop that instantly erased all the new work I’d done! Cry some more. Then, it wouldn’t let me link things. FINALLY I got it done. I absolutely LOVE how it turned out.

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    • Hey girl, you are SO right!! Fizzle is a great word choice. I’ve been working on my first article- it’s gone a bit rough- late night hours, computer mess ups- that kind of thing, but I’m figuring it out. Learning curve!! 😊😊😊


  1. Congratulations, Jess! This is fantastic news – what a great start into a new week!
    I’m so happy for you! And now more people get to experience your talent for writing.
    By the way, right now I’m smiling like an idiot and I feel like “Woooohooooo!” – because of you!

    And don’t forget your idea for a book. And don’t forget about the health category on your blog. Yes, one thing at a time! xx

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    • Hey, I think I may hear your woooooohooooo-ing!! Oh wait, there’s an ocean in the way!! Ha. You’re very sweet. Thank you for what you said. ❀️ I think I’m going to make a new blog category called Highway to Health and share things I’ve learned since being misdiagnosed and all the researching I’ve done since. The book is coming along pretty good. I had originally wanted it done by Valentine’s Day… Oops. That’s tomorrow. Tonight I’m working on my contribution piece. I hope you’re doing well. Big hugs!!

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    • You are a saving’s grace, Linda, truly. Thank you for always believing in me, even in those days when I was stumbling along- trying to find my way in this big ol’ world. You are a treasure! Thank you for your lovely comment!! Love you! 😊❀️


  2. I so agree! That’s probably the most valuable lesson my parents taught me as a kid, always try, there’s no harm in it and if you don’t try, you won’t have a chance, but if you do, who knows? Anyway, congrats!!!!! I’m not surprised at all, you deserve it!!! Good luck! <3

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