26 thoughts on “This Mirror

    • Thank you. We went to visit one of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s homes today. There’s a park nearby that is across the street from the bank that she and Almanzo used to go to. The park has a sculpture of her, a gazebo, and an old fashioned stone drinking fountain. I turned just right and caught the reflection of the buildings across the street. Pretty neat to see. :)

    • Thank you!! The image was actually bigger when I posted it, but then I saw my little boy in part of the reflection and I freaked out!! So, I cropped it real quick! 😊😊 I didn’t even see that at first.

  1. WOW! This photo kept me looking and looking and looking. It’s absolutely beautiful. So much so that I’m inspired to pick up my paints and brushes and paint that tree. Aw… I love it Jessica. Thank you so much for the share!
    Hugs ~ Cobs. x

    • Oh my gosh, Cobs!!!! That inspired you to paint?? That is an amazing compliment. Thank you so very much. I hope you will share the painting so I can see it. If you want, you can email me. :)

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