26 thoughts on “Puppies

  1. Oh how adorable!!!!! There is nothing better than an Aussie. Wylie is a little Aussie (he’s a toy 13”). I sometime wished I had brought home more than 1!!! What a wonderful addition to your precious family❤️🐾


      • Unlike you, my selling has taken a while! haha! But we are almost finished and . . . I have found a little cottage within a walk, from my daughters!! Things are moving along! Thank you dear one-I was thrilled to see your posts! and those adorable puppies! – awwh. love always, Michele


        • A cottage???? Oh my gosh! I’m thrilled for you!! Plus, a walk to your daughter’s? Oh how wonderful!

          That house selling stuff is looooong. Ours took almost two months. And, it’s not an easy 2 months either. To do lists, emails, phone calls, deadlines, being under someone else’s time schedule. Ha ha. I’m glad your end is in sight!!! ❤️❤️❤️

          Thank you, it is fun posting again. I’ve been posting a lot in Facebook, but not here. Time to find some balance and do both, I guess. Hope you have a beautiful Sunday!


    • Hi. They are hilarious and extremely happy to be together. There were 3 puppies left when we were going to see them, but one got spoken for before we arrived. When I saw these two, I was smitten. They’re settling in pretty good now. Sleeping at night, mostly ha ha , and chewing on each other during the day! :)


    • Hi sweetie!! Can you even believe how cute they are? It’s a cool story, too. I wasn’t going to get a dog ever again like in July. Our 16 year old lab passed away and I was convinced I was done with dogs. Well, last Thursday I couldn’t sleep after waking up in the middle of the night. Suddenly I was googling smaller breed dogs!!

      After researching a bit that night, I found that Mini Aussies would be a good fit. Then, I googled Mini Aussies in our area.?A Facebook page was listed and they HAD some puppies for sale! Little Bit and I went to see them on Sunday and came home with these two!

      Aren’t those names awesome? The owners kids named them. We decided to keep those names. Roam as a name pretty much sums us up! Roamin’ around gravel roads and nature areas. ❤️

      I’m trying to find little harnesses for them so that we can take them on adventures with us. Will definitely post more pictures!

      Hope you’re doing well! How are the twins?

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      • Sounds like you had an epiphany – the puppies were there just waiting for you!!
        The twins are good, thanks! Almost 16 months old now and such clever boys. I’m going to work soon and we still don’t have a spot in daycare, they are super slow at notifying us and I’m getting itchy.
        It’s raining here now (autumn) and we’re spending less time outdoors – today we might stay inside all day!

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    • Hi Cobs! How wonderful to see you here! Thank you! Getting them kind of came up suddenly and I was like, “Yes, time is right!” Love your description! Yes! They are so very soft. And, sweeeeeeet.

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