The River Bank

“In the silence of an ordinary Tuesday, everyone is missing this,” are the thoughts I had this evening as I approached the boat ramp.

Seven miles away, parking lots were full of shoppers, some were getting groceries, others getting gas, and some were maybe even getting off work and heading home.

But, there I stood, soaking in the “everything.” There was quietness, but the sound of the current. The sun was dropping behind the trees across the way. The water shimmered this way and that, and the only one who noticed was me.

Yesterday, someone reminded me about hiking and that’s when I realized, we haven’t been. Somewhere in the steps of daily life, I had forgotten nature’s path. The one that keeps me centered, grounded, and gracious.

This “call” of sorts appeared today to get back to the woods. So, at sunset, we made our way up a windy road, through a forest of no leaves, to a paradise completely vacant.

For all the days I’ve spent so busy trying to find my own feet, I found them right where they belong, on the river bank.

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