18 thoughts on “Vintage Coca Cola Machine

  1. I am not sure if the feed store in town still has their glass bottle pop machine but 5 years ago they did. My boys loved buying pop in those bottles and drinking them on a hot summer day. Now we just make homemade root beer once in a great while. Trying to talk my husband into making a batch this year yet.

    • Hi. Makes me wonder if the “only takes a credit card” water/ coke machine I saw in the hotel recently will one day be considered vintage.

      There’s a vintage treasures type store a few miles from here that has a few of the wooden bottle holders for sale. That was the last I’ve seen some. They’re pretty neat.

  2. Jessica, I’ve never seen these before and it looks wonderfully retro! It’s always a treat in restaurants the Coca Cola comes in a bottle, misty with cold! Very good that there is a place for returning the glass bottles as well.

    • Annika!!!!!! Girl, it’s been a long time!!!! Love seeing your name! How are you?

      I want to go to a restaurant where it’s served in a bottle! I haven’t had soda in probably 10 years, but the misty cold bottle makes it sound so good!

      • Ahh … Jessica, I’m beaming away at your reply! I know, it’s been ages and I’m not on WP as much as usual for a few months. I’m very well but busy with lots of different things … I’ll be around more in the autumn.

        You are so good for giving up soda totally ..l I do like them when out, a bit of a treat on warm days!

        Have a lovely rest of the weeks. Hugs xx

        • Hi sweet one!! Looks like things are going well– hooray!! I haven’t been blogging much the past 6-8 months or so, but suddenly had a burst of blogging energy- ha ha! Hugs to you, too! ❤️⭐️❤️

  3. :) When I was little there were racks for bottle returns in every grocery. Our county also had a bottling plant where those bottles were taken, cleaned and refilled. So retro. So green.

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