Saying No Then Yes

For weeks, I’ve been trying to decide if I should do the Christmas craft show at a local church. Last year, I was sooooo excited to do it.

This year, something has been making me hesitate. I could not put my finger on it, but it was enough to make me want to pause.

So, just now, I made a decision.

Will I do the Christmas craft show????



Well, I just saw a post on FB by a fellow artist who was invited to set up her booth/table in a memory care type home. RIGHT when I saw that, I KNEW what I’m supposed to do!!!

I’m going to skip making a bunch of stuff to try and sell and instead, make them as gifts for my Aunt Esther and her friends at her assisted living home in Iowa.

She’s 103 and spent her life making and giving gifts to others. So, I’m going to do this for her.

Honestly, with this being the first holiday season without my momma, I’ve been pretty sad about the upcoming holidays. But, this idea? It brings joy to my heart.


  • gift giving
  • my Aunt Esther who will never expect a box full of gifts for her and all her resident friends
  • my momma who loved the holiday seasons

So, I’m going to use these:

vintage jewelry I’ll use

Plus these:

decoupage type papers I’ll use

Plus these:

trinket boxes I’ll use

All of those together will make some fun and unique gifts.

I think my momma would be pleased. She did like craft shows, of course, but she worked as a charge nurse in a nursing home for ten years. Her heart was with the elderly.

So here’s to saying no, then yes!!!

I’m going to start creating today!

Thanks for reading!



21 thoughts on “Saying No Then Yes

    • Hi! I appreciate that, thank you so much. Several years ago, my son and I made gifts for my step-grandma and all the residents in the nursing home she was in. We made 86 bracelets for the women and like 25 sun catchers for the men. We put it in a big box and mailed it. It was an absolutely fabulous feeling bringing a touch of joy to someone. I’m excited to do this for Esther. ❤️ I’ll post about it, so you can see what we make.

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  1. Jessica, I love this idea! You will bring so much joy to those in the assisted living facility. Your aunt will be a star! The joy and excitement you feel tells you it is the right thing for you to do.

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    • Hi. She’ll be SO surprised!!! Thanks, I only smile when I think about it! Kiddo is going to help me. I’m getting the boxes ready and have set all the jewelry in the middle of a long table, then we’ll glue them on.

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  2. What a great tribute to your Aunt!! She can enjoy your creative gifts as you share them with her colleagues! Your Mom will love your decisions and heartfelt idea!! You stay on that meaningful track sweetie! Much love,

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    • Aww!! My goodness- thank you, Anne. I think she would love it. Esther is mom’s aunt. That’s true about the camera/photos, but that’s ok. I can call Esther and hear all about it. We write each other, too. I just got a card from her yesterday. Love what you said about mind’s eye.

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